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Meet Your OKRs

Monitor, analyze, and hit business goals

Visier tracks your organization’s OKRs and provides unique people-related insights into their results, so you can solve performance management challenges, fine-tune strategic succession plans, and drive business success.

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Increase the likelihood of meeting OKRs

Increase the likelihood of meeting OKRs

Visier provides workforce insights into your business growth drivers and risks. Let us inform your decision-making process so you can quickly respond to changing circumstances and increase the likelihood of achieving your organization’s goals.

Streamline performance and feedback cycles

Streamline performance and feedback cycles

Gain visibility into the progress of performance and feedback cycles to ensure the timely completion and alignment with key processes such as budgeting, goal-setting, strategic planning, and more.

Optimize succession planning

Optimize succession planning

Identify the next generation of leaders, reduce disruption, and optimize transitions through a comprehensive overview of your critical roles and their potential replacements. Prepare for the future and ensure seamless succession plans.

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10 Ways People Analytics Drives Transformational Business Impact Beyond HR

Learn how people data and operational data can be combined and applied to some of the most pressing strategic questions every organization faces.

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Partner with experts to deliver real change

We’re here with you every step of the way. Leverage deep expertise and tailored support to help you accelerate towards your goals.

Guidance at every step

We partner with you to lead successful data-oriented transformation through your organization. Leverage Visier-guided best practices and recommendations to drive positive change.

Tailored support

Leveraging your current data to identify your unique challenges and underlying root causes, we develop a targeted action plan designed to address your highest priorities.

Activate your organization

Give focus and drive accountability by putting information into the hands of the leaders making the decisions. Empower data-driven decision-making that makes progress.