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You can’t wait to solve your most urgent workforce challenges. Use your people data to create and activate a proven action plan to drive results today.

Solve Your Most Urgent Challenges

Visier NOW enables you to target and tackle the biggest priorities for your organization today.

Retention Focus

With nearly 50% of workers considering quitting their jobs—plus, a shrinking labor market—retaining your top talent is critical to your business’s success. Retention Focus identifies turnover risks and shows you the actions to take in order to keep your best people.

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Hire Smarter

The rules for hiring have changed in the candidate’s favor, and what worked to attract great talent before won’t work now. Don’t drown in unfilled requisitions—get smart about your talent acquisition processes to streamline, optimize, and allocate resources appropriately.

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Strategic Compensation

Inflation, retention challenges, and a shift to remote work has put your compensation strategy to the test. A thoughtful compensation plan matters more than ever. Make compensation decisions that pay off—with increased attraction, retention, and productivity with lower recruiting costs.

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Happiness Factors

Today’s employees are looking for more than money—they want fulfillment, career development, and balance. There are great tools for measuring engagement and sentiment, but it’s only when you look at the holistic employee profile that you can identify what they truly value.

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Guided Diversity Planning

Diversity goals without action are just empty promises. Guided Diversity Planning is the first and only purpose-built solution to help you set, measure, and achieve your diversity goals.

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Talent Pathways

As companies look to stem turnover and compete for talent, a powerful solution lies in fostering internal mobility. Become a place known for building people up as you leverage smart career paths to help employees steer their careers, while deploying talent to high-impact settings throughout your organization.

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Better Managers

The best leaders inspire top level performance which is good for the business, and good for the employee. Build up your managers with strategies for success when you identify star leaders, learn how they operate, and then share those insights with all managers to create winning leadership teams.

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Revenue Team Planning & Optimization

Identify sales tactics from top performers and apply them to the entire sales and revenue operation. Use a data-backed approach to achieve a deep bench strength and hire in anticipation of turnover—not in reaction to it.

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Introducing Visier NOW


Zero in on the real issues

Visier’s AI-powered analytics and predictive insight uncover what’s behind your challenges. Our solutions help you understand the insight needed to create effective, targeted action plans.

Act with confidence and show results

Execute a plan tailored to the workforce challenges identified in your data and capitalize on proven strategies. Set goals and measure progress.

Deliver workforce solutions in weeks

Experienced consultants, purpose-built technology, and streamlined onboarding help you deliver proven results now, not in months and years.

It’s Time to Take Action

Get Visier Now for today’s most urgent workforce challenges.

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