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HR. Superpowered.

Data-driven HR leadership is needed now more than ever. And leaders with HR superpowers—daring, vision, empathy, strategy, and connection—have the ability to drive business change from the inside out.
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Anatomy of an HR superpower

We all have signature traits and professional strengths, but it’s when those traits are most needed by your people that they become superpowers. Which one do you have?


Empathy. Vision. Strategy. Connection. Daring.

We call them superpowers because of the tremendous impact they have on individuals and organizations, but in reality, they are just human characteristics that are hallmarks of strong HR leadership.

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With the power of empathy, HR leaders determine who needs help and how best to provide support. An empathetic HR leader:

  • Forges emotional connections
  • Senses challenges
  • Identifies opportunities for change
  • Takes action that is rooted in acknowledgment
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Facing uncomfortable realities within their own organization, forging a path through uncharted territory, and taking a stand on social responsibility—daring HR leaders are fearlessly:

  • Bold and decisive
  • Unafraid to brave new territory
  • Willing to act with the courage of their convictions
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These types of leaders can zoom in and out and see around corners to make better decisions on behalf of the company and their employees. A truly strategic HR leader:

  • Sees the big and small pictures
  • Is naturally curious
  • Anticipates upcoming needs
  • Is flexible and quick to pivot
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These HR pros leverage their knowledge of building effective networks, facilitating human interaction, and communicating clearly and openly to help people weather challenges. They:

  • Facilitate collaboration between leadership & employees
  • Create a common ground that unites people from disparate teams
  • Understand the metrics & levers needed to create better outcomes
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It’s clear why visionaries are key to the success of people-first businesses—they anticipate change and prepare for the future. These leaders who have the gift of vision can:

  • Anticipate long term trends, seeing opportunities and challenges
  • Understand how their current workforce is an asset for the future
  • Be innovative, yet focused and persistent
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What’s your HR superpower?

Take our short quiz to find out what makes you a superpowered HR pro.
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