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To Our Customers: We’re Here for You

Looking for more resources to guide you through crisis management? Visit our Crisis Management Resource Center.

The past few weeks changed how we think about our business and life. We’ve worked with customers at a rapid pace for emergency employee response, mobilization, and communications to ensure employee health and safety. 

These are troubling times and I have been inspired by hearing how you (our customers) are using Visier to help safeguard your employees and businesses. We know from working with you  that data-driven decisions can help. 

Next week, enhanced capabilities in Visier People will allow you to: 

  • Understand employee risk and proximity to hot spots
  • Identify critical employee groups
  • Gain insight into the type of work by location
  • Assist with preparation for the transition of work environments
  • Compare to public COVID-19 pandemic information

You will receive these capabilities as part of your current solution subscription. We also plan to make these capabilities available to all organizations to ensure we are doing everything we can to help organizations address what matters most: your people and your plan for business continuity in a time of unprecedented uncertainty.

Visier solution for crisis management to gain insight into employee risk by location.

The visual above shows an analysis in Visier People to gain insight into employee risk by location.

I have asked our Customer Success team to prioritize the data that can help your employees be safe and effective. We will place top priority to onboard your employee profile and organization data that supports the relevant information to help you in this crisis situation. As a result, the Customer Success team will be in close collaboration with you over the coming days to prioritize the best plan of action. 

As more data becomes available, Visier will work with organizations, government bodies, and the World Health Organization to share all relevant data trends and analysis from Visier benchmark data.  

Visier solution for crisis management to gain insight into remote work potential and how organizations can best adjust to changing work environments.

The visual above shows an analysis in Visier People to help show employee remote work potential and how organizations can best adjust to changing work environments.  

We encourage you to listen to the recorded open forum discussion and read the key takeaways to learn what people data and analytics experts from across the industry are doing for employee safety and crisis management right now. More information about Visier’s solution for crisis management can be found at https://www.visier.com/crisis-management/

We are focusing all relevant resources to support pandemic response efforts. Please continue to share your feedback as we help customers make the best data-driven decisions for everyone’s well-being. Kind regards and safety,

Author Photo
Nigel Stoodley |
Nigel Stoodley is Visier’s Chief Customer Officer, where he is responsible for overall customer success. Nigel oversees Visier’s innovative delivery model that removes the traditional enterprise software pains of statements of work, change fees, and customer dissatisfaction. He has over two decades of experience building teams that focus on customer success in the business intelligence industry. Before Visier, he served as the Senior Vice President of Customer Solutions at Tableau Software.

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