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Introducing Visier People®: Workplace Dynamics

Real-time performance feedback to strengthen your workforce. Learn how Visier Workplace Dynamics provides instant performance feedback to your employees.

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Visier People: Workplace Dynamics

Today, we introduce our newest offering: Visier People®: Workplace Dynamics, helping organizations create resilient, high-performing teams to combat economic and labor market headwinds through ongoing feedback. 

Workplace Dynamics takes aim at the lack of continuous feedback in the workplace. This missing feedback impacts your people and business in the form of burnout, turnover, inefficient teams, and missed opportunities to identify and cultivate the hidden leaders that disproportionately drive performance and culture.

Continuous feedback is everywhere—except at work

Real-time feedback massively benefits our personal lives—and it’s seemingly everywhere. Waze gives us real-time traffic updates, Whoop tells us how fit our bodies are, and our phones tell us when we’re going overboard on screen time. 

Yet, where is this continuous feedback at work—the place we spend the majority of our waking hours? When it comes to understanding what employees want and need from their jobs—and the real-world challenges they face—there is a chasm between what CEOs think and the reality of what employees actually experience. Recent research shows that when asked if their company was doing a good job supporting the physical and mental health of employees, 80% of executives said “yes,” while only 46% of employees felt the same. 

What’s more, 70% of executives say they could make better, faster decisions with improved access to people data. A company’s people are the biggest driver of growth and innovation—and the largest expense—hugely impacting your business. That’s why real-time insights into your people are imperative to ensuring higher productivity, lower attrition, and lower costs associated with replacing key talent. 

89% of employees reported being burned out last year according to our survey report, The Burnout Epidemic 2021. 

AI-driven insights unlock performance and reduce burnout 

Knowing who within your organization is struggling—and conversely, who is soaring—leads to better individual and team performance. Workplace Dynamics provides answers to some of the most elusive questions about your workforce: Who are the unsung heroes and cultural multipliers? Where are the urgent burnout risks? Which teams work best together? What is the impact of hybrid and remote work? Through AI-driven, continuous insights that uncover the hidden truths within your organization, employees have constant access to performance feedback, while employers benefit from a more-informed workforce. 

Passive + active feedback = magic

Workplace Dynamics is the first and only solution incorporating both passive and active feedback, providing a continuous pulse on employee well-being, sentiment, and collaboration across teams. Where other solutions only provide passive or active feedback, Workplace Dynamics uses both simultaneously to provide deeper insights.

Workplace Dynamics combines data points collected from tools like GSuite and Microsoft teams and active feedback from employee surveys to answer your workforce questions. 

You can think of “passive analytics” as the automatic collection of millions of data points from collaboration and productivity tools like GSuite, Office 365, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Jira, and Salesforce to provide deeper insights into how work gets done across teams.  

Based on what’s learned through passive analytics, active analytics is layered on top in the form of weekly, two-minute “smart” surveys that know the right questions to ask based on employee activity, and who to ask based on each employee’s collaboration circles. This enables each employee to get individualized feedback about themselves to fuel their own performance and professional growth. 

Employees get served weekly “smart” surveys—surveys that ask questions based on the individual employee’s activity and collaboration circles—to get feedback on their performance and professional growth.

 Through this combination of real-time active and passive feedback, organizations are able to solve critical challenges, as well as:

  • Identify and address burnout to improve retention and keep employees happy and productive

  • Get a full picture of employee performance to uncover, develop and retain hidden leaders

  • Understand team collaboration dynamics to optimize workplace engagement, morale and productivity

  • Elevate employee performance and growth with personalized insights and coaching delivered straight to employees

Leaders can get a complete view of their organization’s social capital rankings, including how they compare to Visier Benchmarks.

Workplace Dynamics complements your other solutions 

Nearly all of our customers have effective employee survey tools and equally-powerful performance management systems. Workplace Dynamics complements both types of solutions, while adding value all on its own.

Traditional surveys are a powerful foundation, but they have some limitations. Leaders and employees require more frequent feedback from managers, peers, and employees, and traditional surveys are too infrequent. Additionally, employee engagement and 360 surveys tend to detect and focus on past problems and not on current issues.

The same goes for performance reviews that might happen one or twice per year—hardly enough to guide daily performance. For already time-stretched managers, providing real-time coaching to every employee isn’t scalable. Plus, managers can struggle to measure soft skills, they don’t always receive input from employees’ peers, and they can lack visibility into daily performance. 

Workplace Dynamics provides ongoing insights to leaders and employees alike so both groups can take timely action. And the predictive and proactive nature of the AI-driven solution identifies issues before they become problems.

Companies can take a deeper look into the topics that they’re most interested in, such as employee burnout.

Deeper insights with less work for HR (and employees)

Because Workplace Dynamics uses AI, it significantly reduces the burden on HR teams. Where employee surveys often require huge effort to create, administer, analyze, share and act upon, Workplace Dynamics runs in autopilot mode. 

One company recently mentioned it takes them eight weeks to analyze and share their employee survey results. Workplace Dynamics creates weekly insights and immediately shares these with HR, executives, managers, and employees themselves—all with zero lift from HR. 

We’ve also heard from customers that they see low participation in surveys due to their length, and even “pulse” surveys can experience low participation due to the burden it places on employees. 

Workplace Dynamics doesn’t suffer from these challenges. The weekly “smart” surveys take just two minutes to complete, and the employee immediately sees insights about themselves once they complete the survey. This “give-to-get” system drives high employee participation, and arms the employee with insights to improve their own performance.

Employees can see insights about themselves once they complete a survey, which helps drive high employee participation, and improve their own performance.

The power of Visier People® and Workplace Dynamics together

With the addition of Workplace Dynamics to its product portfolio, Visier remains the most comprehensive platform available for understanding employees from every dimension—and the ability to use these insights to drive positive outcomes for the company, the manager, and for the employee.

To learn more, visit the Workplace Dynamics product page or request a demo

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