NCI started with a lot of data but very few answers. Questions around human capital were difficult or impossible to answer due to data living in various transactional systems, forcing HR to depend on guesswork. With people analytics, now they can partner strategically with the business.


Clay Worley, CHRO, NCI Information Systems

“All of the questions around our human capital were really difficult to answer. We tended to rely on very old school dashboards and metrics, and we had data in a number of different systems that was not integrated, it was not correlated, and so it was very difficult to pull data together.

You know what we found about Visier that was so surprising was that right out of the box it led us and our management team right through the stories that you needed to consider in terms of looking at your workforce. It asks you questions, it leads you through, and yet it allows you to dig deeper on any topic that you’re interested in. That was fantastic right out of the box.

Because we are a government contractor, we have a very different sales cycle. We’re always doing proposals. The BD team, business development team, came and asked for certain data out of our HRIS that we could have gotten but it would have taken quite a while to get it and manipulate it. And our thought was, hold on a second, Visier does that.

So we were able to produce literally in five minutes a perfect chart and graph and explanation and story of exactly what they needed, which sped up our entire proposal process. So I think those kinds of results are really going to impact our business.

I am not a data scientist. I am a challenger and a question asker by nature and so having access to the data helps us make non-emotional, data-driven, good business decisions. So, it makes our job much easier and I think it really helps the success of the business because we’re not guessing at things. We’re using data now.”