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Visier Celebrates More Women in Leadership During Women’s History Month

We’re celebrating Women’s History Month by shining a light on a statistic we’re pretty proud about: In 2021 Visier increased women in leadership by 10%.

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In 2020, we watched our world change. We saw the first modern day global pandemic take hold of us, and then we witnessed a societal awakening. One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is the continued contributions of women in business, sport, healthcare, family, academia, and more. This March, we’re celebrating Women’s History Month by shining a light on a statistic we’re pretty proud about: In 2021 Visier increased women in leadership by 10% to reach an all-time high of 38%—well on our way to reach our goal of gender parity by 2025.  

In 2021, Visier set a goal of increasing the percentage of women in management positions by 6%. We ended 2021 with a 10% increase in women in management and we also celebrated 45% of our new hires in 2021 being women.

Graph shows the trend of rising employee rates for women in leadership roles in 2020 and 2021

Early in 2021, Visier released an InsightsTM Report, Cracks in the Glass Ceiling, about the gender divide in leadership and internal movement. The research found that while there were more women in management positions, those women were “much less likely to succeed a [man] in an upper management role than men are to succeed a [woman].” The report also states that more women are replacing men in lower manager roles, but isn’t significant enough of a shift to impact the gender pay gap.

On average, women in STEM make up just under 30% of the workforce (source). Visier is proud to be way above that number and we will continue to grow that number through the years.

Amplifying women and more through new DEIB efforts

The value of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) in our lives was made more prevalent during the past couple of years as protests surged around the globe in the name of racial equity and against police violence. Conversations about Trans rights and women’s reproductive rights were at the forefront of daily news, as were disability and LGBTQIA2S+ rights. At Visier, we saw these hot topics pop up in work conversations, and in the various needs of our employees and customers. 

While DEIB has been a part of Visier’s landscape for a long time, it came into focus by this social reckoning. At Visier, we were able to launch a D&I Advisory board to reflect on what we were already doing and what we could be doing better to make our workplace safe and inclusive. 

Gender Pay Equity Banner

 In this update to our 2021 Gender Equity Report, we look at how gender pay equity has progressed in the last year according to Visier’s customer data.

To support that growth, here are some of the programs and initiatives that Visier’s D&I Advisory Board launched in 2021:

  • Anti-Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination Policy, including training

  • A “Managing Bias” course

  • Promotion Impact Review

  • And an Annual Pay Equity Review

A look at some D&I initiatives launched at Visier.

In recognition of Equal Pay Day in the US on March 15th (in Canada, Equal Pay Day is celebrated on April 12), we acknowledge that the gender and racial pay gaps are narrowing, but we still have work to do. Visier owns it’s responsibility for keeping pay fair and equitable, no matter your gender, race, age, or disability. DEIB is an ever evolving space, and it is up to us, as individuals within an organization, to rally for and demand change.

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