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1. Do the Shuffle

In case you missed it, the Great Resignation has been renamed the “Great Reshuffle.” Signifying the change in relationship between employers and employees, it marks a time of new opportunities for workforce management. 4 Ways ‘The Great Reshuffle’ Can Help Us Reimagine The Employer-Employee Dynamic (Forbes)

2. Paid Parental Leave 

The United States is the only wealthy country in the world without national paid parental leave. According to government data, only 23% of U.S. workers have access to paid family leave through their employer—but that may change. Parental Leave Is American Exceptionalism at Its Bleakest (The Atlantic) 

3. The Great Adaption

In order to keep talent, managers must adapt new ways of leading their people. In this episode of the McKinsey podcast, two experts in talent and organizational health share why people are leaving, what employees are looking for, and how leaders can adjust. From the great attrition to the great adaptation (McKinsey)

4. Do Not Disturb

A new law in Portugal has been passed that makes it illegal for your boss to text you after work. The legislation comes from an effort to help with work-life balance and employee well-being in regards to remote work. Portugal makes it illegal for your boss to text you after work in ‘game changer’ remote work law (EuroNews) 

5. Staying Single  

Apparently, grandparents aren’t the only ones nagging people about being single. Workplaces have a tendency to expect single employees to work later out of assumption that they don’t have a family to get home to. Here’s how workplaces can be more inclusive: More people are staying single—and workplaces need to adjust (Quartz at Work)

6. Remote Relationships 

Building bonds with others is essential to being human—it builds trust, creates a sense of belonging, and decreases bias. In a remote work world, teams need to take extra steps to create bridge-building moments. Rebuilding Relationships Across Teams in a Hybrid Workplace (HBR)

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