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Top 5 Sessions to Watch From Visier’s 2022 Partner Summit

During Visier’s Outsmart, all our strategic and embedded partners gather for Partner Summit. Here’s a look at some of the top sessions for your watch list.

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Every year, during Visier’s annual conference Outsmart, all our strategic and embedded partners gather for our Partner Summit. Partner Summit is where we spend a day talking about the future of the people analytics and HR tech ecosystem. 

We discuss how different players should be looking at cohesively working towards building products that transform the HR function. Building and selling is not always the best route to drive your business goals or provide the best value to your customers. 

During the partner summit, our partners discuss how they approached building strategic partnerships with Visier and beyond to accelerate their revenue goals and provide the most value to their customers. Here’s a look at some of the top sessions for your watch list. 

1. The Next 25 Years Will Be All About The Employee 

The last decade was about the customer; the next decade will be about the employee. The Great Resignation is just the tip of the iceberg. As the war for talent intensifies, winning organizations will make the workplace more humane, hybrid, and truly inclusive. Jake Sorofman and Adam Binnie, Visier’s CMO and CPO, joined the session to unravel the complexity of building the post-pandemic workplace. They discussed how understanding the holistic story of the employee fits into this future. Add this session to your watch list to understand how organizations will need to focus on automation, employee lifetime value, and cultivating teams using deep-seated people analytics to build an employee-centric future. 

Jake Sorofman and Adam Binnie offer advice for the next decade and beyond.

2. Getting Down to Business: Understanding Your Paths to Partnership 

Partnerships can be complex. You need the kind of partnership which delivers analytics to your customers in a meaningful way, which helps these customers transform their HR practices. But there’s no magic formula to build it. In this session, Zack Johnson, GM, Strategic Solutions & Partnerships at Visier, and Asindia Cheng, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships of Visier, explain the different routes to a successful technology and advisory partnership.

Building a partnership can be one of the most efficient ways to grow your business. With the right partnership, you’ll stay on top of the fast-changing technology ecosystem that always leaves your product teams racing to catch up.

Carve your path by identifying your problem.

The right combination of strategic partnerships and embedded analytics exists for you.

3. How to Build New Revenue Streams with Analytics 

Analytics is no longer optional. Your customers need analytics, and they need it now. Adding analytics to your solution can help you unlock new streams of revenue and open new channels of growth for your business. In the past decade the market  invested heavily in consumer analytics such as Facebook, Amazon, Google, and their userbase of “consumers.”

In this decade, organizations have started pouring equal, if not more, investment into understanding their employee behaviors. Providing your customers with the right insights about their employees can be a gamechanger. Watch this session to learn more about how you can monetize data and build a sustainable business with analytics. 

The path to unraveling new revenue streams.

4. How Product Teams Should Approach Building an Analytics Experience 

How should product teams  approach delivering analytics to their customers in a way that helps them go to market as quickly and efficiently as possible? In the HR tech space, reporting—while a big piece—is not enough. 

The last few decades massively changed the HR function, with more and more focus on understanding workforce behaviors better. While reports give you numbers on performance, they don’t really tell the stories that will drive fundamental business decisions. 

That is where analytics comes in: We are in an era where understanding the stories behind your people data can do wonders for the future of your organization. 

Learn how your workforce interacts with your decisions: their productivity, inspiration, performance, and motivation. This knowledge helps you plan and prepare for a stronger future of your business. This session explains how you can approach building an analytics experience and the investment required depending on the maturity of your tech. 

Vendors investment changes based on customer maturity level.

5. Leveraging the People Intelligence Alliance 

If you haven’t heard about the PIA yet, you’re missing out! The People Intelligence Alliance is the community to join if you are a data-driven, HR professional, or Researcher. It’s a forum for thought leaders, influencers and corporate executives who are actively involved in conversations around redesigning the future of work.


Find out more about the People Intelligence Alliance at peopleintelligence.org

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