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The C Sheet | September 3rd

The C Sheet | September 3rd

This week on The C Sheet: we discuss Nike's week off for employees, work conditions disclosures, best books on leadership, and Ted Lasso.

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The C Sheet

Just (Don’t) Do It

Nike is the latest company to give their employees a week off to debrief. With 89% of employees reporting that they’ve experienced burnout this past year, time to reset isn’t just good for their mental wellbeing—it can also prevent them from quitting. Nike gives head office workers a week off to ‘destress’ (CNBC)

A New Kind of Disclosure

A bill by California lawmakers targeting Amazon’s warehouse work conditions will reach the Senate floor. If passed, the bill would require warehouses to disclose quotas and work speed metrics to employees and government agencies. ‘The algorithm fired me’: California bill takes on Amazon’s notorious work culture (LA Times)

CEOs and Narcissism

Despite the harm narcissistic leaders can cause their employees—and companies—a new study found that narcissists are promoted to CEO 29% quicker. The results don’t look good for the humble, but there are ways to spot and address narcissistic tendencies before it impacts your business. How narcissists climb the career ladder quickly (BBC)

Lessons from Lasso

I don’t know about you, but lately I can’t stop hearing about the television show, Ted Lasso. Despite the story being about an unqualified white man who’s given the job, it works. Apparently, viewers can learn a thing or two about positive work strategies. 4 Work Storylines We Love In ‘Ted Lasso’ (HuffPost)

‘996’ Work Culture

The Chinese government is cracking down on ‘996’ work culture, the term for working 9am to 9pm six days a week. Despite China’s labor laws, many companies do not follow the regulations, including not compensating workers for overtime. After recent worker deaths, officials are being pressured to do more. China steps in to regulate brutal ‘996’ work culture (BBC)

Fall Reading

Looking to freshen up your leadership skills this fall? Learning from others is always a great way to start, and organizational psychologist, Adam Grant, recently shared his top choices for books. The 10 New Leadership Books to Wrap Up Summer and Kick Off Fall (LinkedIn)

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