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The C Sheet November 5 |...

The C Sheet November 5 | Demystifying The Great Resignation, The Importance of Learning, and Good Habits

In this C Sheet, we demystify The Great Resignation, cover why learning is good for your career, and share which state has the lowest quitting rates.

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1. Money Talks 

New data shows that workers in Washington were less likely to quit than most states, leaving officials wondering why. Initial guesses are its wages—it has the nation’s highest minimum wage at $13.69/hour—and other progressive workplace regulations. ‘I quit’ is heard less often in Washington state than in most of America, but it’s not clear why (Seattle Times)

2. The Great Resignation: Myth or Legend? 

While it’s true that The Great Resignation is a real challenge that organizations are facing, it may be an incomplete story. Some surveys suggested that up to 95% of the workforce were considering leaving, but only 2.9% actually did. Here’s why this matters. The Great Resignation is happening. It’s not as bad as you think. (Claro Analytics) 

3. Time for a Pop Quiz

The ability to learn, re-learn, and unlearn is widely beneficial for people in their careers. But who has time to make learning a priority with a busy schedule? This piece offers three easy ways to incorporate learning into your work. Make Learning a Part of Your Daily Routine (HBR) 

4. Bad Habits Die Hard

In order to juggle all of the things it takes to lead a company, one better have a good set of habits. But as challenging as it is to stick to good habits, it’s just as easy to fall into some bad ones. These sixteen are you should avoid. 16 common but bad habits every leader should avoid (Fast Company) 

5. Greener Pastures 

Young workers are leaving their desk jobs and heading to the fields. The shake up of the COVID pandemic empowered them to seek out new job opportunities that they previously didn’t consider. However, the job switch does come with a cost. Why some young workers are leaving their office jobs to work on farms: “This is how I want my life to go” (CBS News)

6. Words at Work 

The word nerds will be pleased to find out that terminology to describe the new way of work has made its way to the dictionary. You will now find words like “digital nomad” and “gig worker” in your Merriam-Webster, reflecting our new work environment. Merriam-Webster’s new crop of words mirrors the evolving definition of work (Quartz at Work)

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