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The C Sheet November 19: Digital...

The C Sheet November 19: Digital Harassment, Fake Promotions, and a Healthcare Worker Crisis

This week in workplace news: digital harassment, a rise in fake promotions, and why you shouldn't follow your passion when it comes to your career.

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The C Sheet

1. Digital Harassment

Though many of us aren’t working together in an office, there’s been a rise in workplace harassment, especially towards members of marginalized communities. Here are some ways companies can help keep their employees safe. Why remote work hasn’t cut down on workplace harassment (Fast Company) 

2. Crypto Careers 

Who needs a job when you can invest in crypto? As of November 1st, Bitcoin was valued at $61,000 USD per Bitcoin, empowering some U.S. workers to leave their jobs. Crypto is Creating Newfound Wealth – and Job Freedom – for Many Americans (Civic Science)

3. Fake Promotions

Some organizations are offering better titles—without actual promotions—as a means of retaining employees and saving face in diversity and inclusion efforts. Here’s what to do if you think your employer is offering a fake promotion. So Your Boss Offered You a Meaningless Promotion (Harvard Business Review)

4. Better Inclusivity for Neurodiversity 

One in five Americans have a learning disability, yet many organizations aren’t suited for neurodiverse employees’ needs. As companies discuss ways of improving DEI within their organization, it’s important that they keep neurodiversity in mind. It’s time we include neurodiverse people when talking DEI (Fast Company)

5. The Pitfalls of the “Passion Principle”

Following your passion may sound like good career advice, but the reality is, basing a large part of your identity on your job title can be detrimental. Here are some healthier things to look for in a fulfilling career. Loving Your Job Is a Capitalist Trap (The Atlantic)

6. A Healthcare Worker Crisis

U.S. healthcare workers are exhausted. An estimated 60-75% of frontline workers have felt exhaustion, depression, sleep disorders, or PTSD since the start of the pandemic. With many leaving their jobs, which is an added stress to those who stay, we are facing a national healthcare worker shortage crisis. U.S. Faces Crisis of Burned-Out Health Care Workers (U.S. News)

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