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The C Sheet February 25 | Human Capital Data Requirements, An Equal Pay Settlement, and Moral Injury

1. Your profitability lies with your people 

In today’s workforce environment, employees are a good predictor of a company’s profitability. Yet many investors lack basic employee metrics. Now the pressure is on for the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission to require the disclosure of human capital data. Investors Seek More Information About Companies’ Struggles to Hire, Retain Staff (The Wall Street Journal) 

2. A goal for equal pay 

The U.S. Women’s National Soccer team has reached a settlement in their fight for equal pay. The settlement includes $22 million in backpay along with $2 million going into a fund for players to use post-career. Is this considered a win? The U.S. national women’s soccer team wins $24 million in equal pay settlement (NPR)

3. Adding insult to (moral) injury

What is ‘moral injury’ and how does it apply to workers? What was first studied in veterans of war is now being researched for healthcare workers, educators, and social workers who have endured the psychological harm the past two years have caused. Employees Are Sick of Being Asked to Make Moral Compromises (Harvard Business Review) 

4. “A trust recession” 

Trust is necessary to create a psychologically safe workplace, but according to the 2022 Edelman Trust Barometer, people aren’t feeling it. Here’s how to build trust at work: 4 surprising ways of earning—and keeping—others’ trust (Fast Company)

5. Check in on your recruiter friends

Oh, how the tables have turned. Recruiters who used to be inundated with candidates who were eager for the job are now struggling to secure talent. How can companies support their recruiters and get more accepted offers? Tech Companies Face a Fresh Crisis: Hiring (The New York Times) 

6. Employees take center stage 

In this piece by our very own CEO, Ryan Wong, he shares three changes that companies should adopt to be competitive in 2022, and why they’re all focused on the employee. This Is The Year Of The People-Powered Workforce — Here’s Why (Forbes)

About the author: Grace Sheppard

Grace is a content marketing coordinator at Visier, where she helps create and organize ideas. She has experience in a variety of marketing roles, including social media and event management. Outside of work, Grace enjoys writing fiction and walking with her dog, Pippy.

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