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The C Sheet | August 27th

The C Sheet | August 27th

In this edition of The C Sheet, we cover business dress codes, the right way to quit, and the effects of Covid-19 on retirement.

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1. Bye, Bye, Biased Dress Codes

Now that we’re working from home, it’s time to leave buttoned-up dress codes behind. Not only are dress codes confusing, they can also be elitist. Good thing Crocs and Skechers’ sales are soaring. Let the Pandemic Take Office Dress Codes (Morning Brew)

2. The Rush for Retirement

The pandemic has sped up millions of workers’ plans for retirement—two million to be exact. While some retired by choice, others had the decision made for them by layoffs or fear of being exposed to Covid. But are they out of the game forever? These Older Workers Hadn’t Planned To Retire So Soon. The Pandemic Sped Things Up (NPR)

3. A Little R&R 

For many workers, working from home can easily slip into living at work. But “giving 110%” ultimately harms us and the companies we work for. Deloitte’s Chief Growth Officer shares why rest is essential for growth. Why We Need Rest to Recover and Grow (Thrive Global) 

4.The Digital Divide in Fertility 

A 2016 study found that women with internet access, usually those with higher incomes and education levels, were more likely to have children than women without it. In the wake of the pandemic, the digital divide in fertility deepens as some women are able to work from home while others cannot. The Remote Work–Fertility Connection (The Atlantic)

5. Voted Most Likely to WFH

If you’re interested in working from home, check out which cities are most likely to embrace hybrid work. Those that rank the highest have a few things in common, such as being tech-forward and brutal commutes. Shiny new office buildings might be the reason behind the city ranking the lowest. These are the U.S. cities where managers are most—and least—likely to embrace hybrid work (CNBC)

6. Quit with Dignity

Are you one of the many workers planning on leaving your job? If so, there’s a right way to do it. While you may want to leave with a dramatic exit, it’s important to keep things positive. Here’s why. Lots of people are quitting their jobs. Here’s how to do it right (CNN)

7. Was that Slack Serious or Sarcastic?

Without body language, it can be hard to read people over digital communication. Author and speaker Erica Dhawan found that the average employee wastes up to four hours per week on unclear communication. She shares five tips for communicating clearly. Communicating in the New Normal: Digital Body Language with Erica Dhawan (AESC)

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