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The C Sheet | August 20th,...

The C Sheet | August 20th, 2021

This week on The C Sheet, we discuss childcare benefits, the resignation wave's effects on employees that stay, and virtual meetings.

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1. ISO: Childcare Benefits 

38% of working parents said they are considering changing jobs or leaving the workforce altogether because of pandemic induced childcare problems. Offering better childcare benefits to employees is one solution—but 23% of respondents said their employer doesn’t have any at all. New Survey: Working Parents Are Burned Out, Need More Flexibility and Better Benefits (Inc.)

2. Pulling Back the People Data Curtain

Despite organizations’ claims of employees being their greatest asset, most investors lack insight into how companies treat their employees. The SEC is working on creating a new rule that requires public companies to disclose more information on their workforces—do you have that data handy? Analysis: U.S. SEC prepares to take on corporate America over workforce disclosures (Reuters)

3. Double Your Salary with This Simple Trick

There’s a startling workforce trend that’s doubling white collar employees’ salaries: working two jobs. The catch? Neither employers know about it. The Remote Trend Of Working Two Jobs At The Same Time Without Both Companies Knowing (Forbes) 

4. Meet You in the Metaverse?

Facebook is launching a new VR app for remote work, where users create avatars to meet in virtual meeting rooms and collaborate on whiteboards. This is the first step towards CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s “metaverse” as the world goes deeper into digital. Facebook launches VR remote work app, calling it a step to the ‘metaverse’ (NBC News)

5. Rising Temps, Declining Work Weeks 

The rising temperatures in the US is cause for concern for many facets of life, including the health risk of outdoor workers, such as construction workers and farmers. By 2050, 60% of outdoor workers could experience one week too dangerous to work outside, and 20% could lose an entire month. Too hot to work: the dire impact of extreme heat on outdoor US jobs (The Guardian) 

6. The Burden of Staying

With everyone leaving their jobs, what happens to those that stay? Hitting the service industry especially hard, the resignation wave has left workers short staffed and working overtime. What Happens When All of Your Co-workers Quit? (The Cut)

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