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The C Sheet February 18: Proximity Bias, Promotions, and More Responsibilities for Managers

This week in workforce news: Can remote work hurt your chance at getting a promotion? Psychology says yes. Plus, more responsibility for managers.

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The C Sheet

1. Proximity bias poses risks to remote work 

Executives are worried that remote work will kill their culture, while employees are worried it might hinder their promotion opportunities. Here’s how leaders can protect themselves and employees from proximity bias while keeping remote work flexibility. Don’t turn back the clock on work-from-home flexibility (The Seattle Times) 

2. Your promotion isn’t as good as you think 

It’s that time of year for performance reviews, which means it’s also time for your raise—but don’t get too excited. While 44% of companies are giving out raises greater than 3% this year, it’s no match to inflation. You’re about to get a raise, and you’ll probably be really disappointed (Fortune) 

3. More juggling for managers 

Managers’ responsibilities have shifted as a result of a changing work culture. No longer just an overseer of tasks, managers are expected to be more involved in the development of their direct reports—but the change hasn’t come easily. Managers Can’t Do It All (Harvard Business Review) 

4. Executives take a step back 

Coverage of the Great Resignation has been primarily focused on low-wage workers, but they’re not the only ones quitting. Five former executives share their stories about resigning to take a break to spend time at home. Executives Are Quitting to Spend Time With Family … Really (The New York Times) 

5. Side hustles are no longer fun 

The pandemic led to an increase of side hustles—both for financial reasons and a need to pass time. But for some, what started as a creative release, is now just more stress. I Quit My Side Hustle To Focus On My 9 To 5 (Refinery29)

6. People are beyond burnout

Whether the job is considered “essential” or “non-essential,” workers are unhappy. More than burned out, employees are struggling to find a reason to work that goes beyond necessity. Is the new way of work so much better than the old way after all? The Age of Anti-Ambition (The New York Times) 

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