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We are proud to introduce the new and improved, redesigned, and rebranded blog: Outsmart. If the name sounds familiar that’s because it’s the same as our signature annual Outsmart conference. We know that Outsmart has become a trusted brand, one that our readers have come to associate with fresh ideas and innovative insights. The Visier blog offers this year-round so it was an easy decision to finally align the two.

  • What has changed: the look, layout, and discoverability of our rich collection of content. And, of course, the name—Clarity Magazine is now Outsmart.
  • What has not changed: the type of quality research and articles that you’re used to seeing on Clarity—it’s all here on Outsmart, and so much more. 

Expect the highest-quality content on the topics that you care about: modern leadership, innovative technology, the evolution of people and culture, and the latest research from our immense database of over 12 million workforce records. 

In the coming months, Outsmart blog has ambitious plans to amp up our offerings of original journalism, cutting-edge research, video storytelling, and weekly series like: 

  • The C Sheet – a roundup of the best workforce-related news of the week
  • Ask Visier – in which our analysts explain how we answer the business questions included with the Visier platform
  • Featured Reads – original reporting on the urgent issues where work and humans collide

Have an idea for the blog? Reach out, we’d love to hear from you! Email us at:  [email protected], and be sure to subscribe to the Outsmart Newsletter (look to the top right corner of this page) so you never miss the latest news. 

Thanks for reading,

The Editorial Team at Visier

About the Author

Sarah Gonzales is the Director of Content, Creative, & Design at Visier. Years as a journalist and media producer taught her how to tell all kinds of stories in all kinds of formats—from printed magazines to public radio to international broadcast news. Now, as a tech marketer, Sarah loves finding stories in the data and bringing statistics to life. Originally from Alaska, she now resides in beautiful Seattle, Washington.

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