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Business Analytics Leader Visier Exceeds $125 Million in Total Subscriptions

Vancouver, BC and San Jose, CA |

Company announces release of Visier People®, its next generation people analytics and workforce planning solution

Visier, already the recognized leader in people analytics and planning, set the bar even higher for the industry announcing the release of Visier People. Based on Visier’s patented business analytics technology, and with an innovative data journalism approach, Visier People is the company’s breakthrough next generation solution for people analytics and workforce planning. “Since we launched our first solution, Visier has become the Global 2000 choice for people analytics and workforce planning,” said John Schwarz, Visier’s co-founder and chief executive officer. “We’ve achieved this by delivering a solution that is unmatched in its completeness, its innovation, and its value. And we’ve enabled our customers’ success by designing our solution with the end business user in mind – making the complex discipline of analytics incredibly easy to consume and comprehend.” Over the past five years, Visier has achieved a compound annual growth rate of 120 percent, and has surpassed $125 million in subscription sales. Today, Visier solutions are used in more than 50 countries, providing insights into millions of employees.  

About Visier People Solutions

  Visier People is the leading people analytics and workforce planning solution – a cloud-based people strategy platform that provides answers to hundreds of pre-built, best practice questions across a range of HR and business topics. Offering unmatched people insights, Visier People also enables continuous, collaborative, data-driven, predictive workforce planning, connecting the HR and Finance departments. Likewise, Visier People for Healthcare – Visier’s solution that is purpose-built to meet the specific needs of healthcare providers, including connecting workforce dynamics to patient satisfaction and outcomes – has become the leading people analytics solution for healthcare providers. The Visier People solution (and Visier People for Healthcare solution) is comprised of the following modules:

  • Visier People: Talent: An analytics solution that allows organizations to answer all their important talent questions, from those about employee retention and movement to performance and engagement as well as  leave management, compensation, leadership succession, risk management, and how talent decisions impact business results.

  • Visier People: Talent Acquisition: An analytics solution that allows organizations to achieve deep insights into their recruitment processes, programs, and results – from questions about their applicant pipeline and sourcing, to quality of hire and candidate diversity, as well as hiring process and recruiter capacity.

  • Visier People: Learning: An analytics solution that allows organizations to gain new understanding of the effectiveness of learning programs, activities, and content – from questions about learning impact, to learning engagement and operations, as well as  compliance learning, new hire programs, and leadership development.

  • Visier People: Planning: A workforce planning solution that allows organizations to transform their workforce planning process and effectiveness by enabling continuous, collaborative, data-driven, predictive  planning. Using this solution to make more informed investments, optimize workforce costs, and eliminate surprises.

Additionally, Visier People customers have access to Visier Benchmarks™, which allow each company to easily compare data about their own workforce to confidentially-sourced benchmark data from other Visier customers in aggregate. Present throughout the Visier People solution, Visier Benchmarks offer customers more timely, comprehensive, and relevant benchmarks than existing, government-sourced measures.  

Understanding the Visier Technology Difference

  Underlying Visier People is Visier’s patented business analytics technology and development platform, operating in the cloud, which allows Visier to integrate data, and create and innovate analytics and planning applications much faster than possible with other technologies.   Visier Event Stream “The number one challenge for other business analytics technologies is dealing with change: changing business questions that require new data queries and new data integration efforts. This drives considerable technical cost for companies, and slows down the pace at which leaders can make informed decisions about their business,” explained Ryan Wong, Visier’s co-founder,  president, and chief technology officer. “Visier’s technology was designed from the bottom up to handle change with ease and to treat time as a primary data element. Visier Event Stream, a core component of Visier’s technology, reconstructs data in memory on-the-fly, time-stamping it as it goes.” Because Visier loads data dynamically and handles the time dimension inherently, it is easy for Visier to answer new business questions. Instead of having to integrate and restructure data in a data warehouse, Visier simply defines a new business concept, in business terms. As a result, Visier is able to innovate and answer new questions for customers with unprecedented speed.   Visier Analytics and Planning Platform Extensibility “Key to the Visier People value proposition is how we connect people data to business data, allowing our customers to answer truly business-shaping questions,” continued Wong. “Visier’s underlying  technology allows us to marry two or more classes of data, such as people and finance and sales data, with unheard-of ease. And because our machine learning algorithms are built into all our calculations, our customers gain insights not possible with other technologies, such as which processes or events positively or negatively influence a business outcome.” The result is Visier’s extraordinary potential to answer new and advanced questions for its customers, and to transform not just the domain of people analytics, but also other business areas.  

Data Journalism

Visier also has designed its solutions with ease-of-use in mind. “Key to successful adoption of analytics is enabling business users to quickly understand the meaning and value of the insights being provided,” said Dave Weisbeck, Visier’s chief strategy officer. “With Visier People, Visier has made data journalism – the art and science of successfully telling stories with data – core to our delivery of explanatory analytics.” In addition to offering in-depth exploratory analytics capabilities, which allow users to explore and ask questions of their data by leveraging hundreds of pre-built metrics and visualizations, Visier People also offers best practice explanatory analytics. Starting with a topic area, such as “explore why employees choose to stay or leave the organization,” Visier People walks users through the key questions to answer, explaining the meaning behind each question and providing the answers based on the employee population relevant to the user. Human thought process goes through a discovery journey – the answer to one question triggers another. Visier People is designed to work with the user to navigate the discovery journey. This is the first instance of this type of approach in the enterprise solution market. “We’re incredibly excited about the months to come,” said Schwarz. “Visier People is just the start.”


About Visier

  Visier’s purpose is to help people see the truth and create a better future—now. Visier was founded to focus on what matters to business people: answering the right questions, even the ones a person might not know to ask. Questions that shape business strategy, provide the impetus for taking action, and drive better business results. Visier delivers fast, clear people insight by using all the available people data—regardless of source. With best-practice expertise built-in, decision-makers can confidently take action. Thanks to our amazing customers, Visier is the market leader in Workforce Analytics with 5,000 customers in 75 countries around the world. For more information, visit http://www.visier.com.