Manage your way to better HCAHPS scores

Link workforce health to business outcomes. Achieve higher patient satisfaction, lower readmission rates, and keep your hard-to-find staff engaged by identifying opportunities, and risks in your workforce data.

Improve patient satisfaction

Care for your employees so they can provide the best care for others. Understand the impact that employee engagement has on patient satisfaction and health with workforce planning tools that deliver actionable insights.

Visier People trend of overall hospital rating

Alleviate absences and overtime

Absenteeism and unnecessary overtime impact both your HCAHPS scores and your bottom line. Use data-driven workforce planning to better strategize your scheduling, monitor progress, and understand how they impact your organization and employee satisfaction.

Visier People absence to worked hours recorded ratio by employee location and shift in day

Reduce unwanted turnover

Undesirable churn affects everyone: your bottom line, your employees, and your patients. Predict resignations and retirements, then develop proactive employee retention and talent acquisition programs to operate smoothly.

Visier People resignation rate for key talent groups

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