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Unified fragmented data for a global workforce

Future-proofed with workforce planning

Reduced annual turnover by 44%

Saved $4.5 million in recruiting costs

Optimized workforce spending

Scaled people analytics company-wide

Delivered analytics with a small team

Reinforced value of campus recruiting

Rolled out analytics to 400 users

Optimized workforce staffing scenarios

Generated $2.5 Million in revenue with analytics

Defined optimal nurse staffing levels

Reduced annual turnover by 10%

Saved $14M by reducing voluntary turnover

Eliminated 1,000 hours of data work

Delivered self-serve analytics

Dissected data for better workforce decisions

Achieved data-driven decision making

Connected data into one source of truth

Saved $3 million with people analytics

Remedied M&A data challenges

Changed headcount plan based on data

Implemented analytics in short timeframe

Accessed answers in milliseconds

Took leap to visualizations and analytics

Uncovered talent challenges

Make better business decisions every day

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