Why do organizations choose Visier?

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Unified fragmented data for a global workforce

Future-proofed with workforce planning

Reduced annual turnover by 44%

Saved $4.5 million in recruiting costs

Optimized workforce spending

Scaled people analytics company-wide

Delivered analytics with a small team

Reinforced value of campus recruiting

Rolled out analytics to 400 users

Why Buy–Not Build–Your People Analytics Solution

Improved hiring

Reached organizational goals

Optimized workforce staffing scenarios

Generated $2.5 Million in revenue with analytics

Defined optimal nurse staffing levels

Reduced annual turnover by 10%

Saved $14M by reducing voluntary turnover

Saved $400,000 through natural attrition

Improved diversity across multiple dimensions

Increased diversity in hiring process

Eliminated 1,000 hours of data work

Fuelled advanced analytics to retain M&A talent

Improved business response and efficiency

Reduced turnover by 10%

Saved $3 million with people analytics

Remedied M&A data challenges

Saved jobs by leveraging analytics

Implemented analytics in short timeframe

Accessed answers in milliseconds