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Visier Student Careers — How Do I Stand Out From the Crowd?

Visier is one of Canada’s top student employers offering leading professional development. Here's how to stand out in the interview process.

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My career at Visier began through the student careers program. Fast-forward a year later, between finishing my last semester, and surprising job advancement opportunities, I now get to work behind the scenes recruiting students across Canada. It is both exciting and special to be able to meet so many people throughout my day who are at various points in their career, and a privilege to get to learn about their career aspirations. 

Each semester I work closely with universities hosting virtual and on-campus events to connect with students. The most common question asked of me at these events is, “How do I stand out from the crowd?” 

Visier’s May 2022 co-op cohort.

This is an understandable question, one that I often thought about when I was completing my undergraduate degree at Simon Fraser University. Now that I am on the other side of the recruitment process, the answer to this question is more clear—candidates stand out when they take the time to understand Visier, both what we do and why what we do, matters. 

By doing their research and preparing effectively, candidates can submit resume and cover letter documents that are tailored to the role they apply for, highlighting the specific skills and experiences that will make them a valuable member of the team. This preparation also pays off in the interview process—these candidates are able to prepare for job-specific questions much more effectively, and successfully articulate why Visier is a match for them, and why they are a match for Visier!

Our co-ops at Visier’s 2022 All-Hands in Vancouver.

Preparation is the key! Preparing effectively not only helps you ace the application process, but also demonstrates some of the characteristics we are most interested in, such as the ability to learn, tailoring your communication to a specific situation, and being proactive. 

If you are thinking about applying to student opportunities, following Visier on Instagram and LinkedIn is an excellent start. Getting to know our product by reading press releases and our customer stories is also incredibly helpful. 

About Visier student careers

Visier is one of Canada’s top student employers offering some of the best professional development and mentorship programs. Our student careers program is designed for students to go beyond the classroom. Learning at Visier means doing mission-critical work, engaging in intentional skill development, and participating in mentorship programs that empower you to create with confidence. We hire 40 students every semester to join our development, user experience, data science, marketing, and human resources teams. 

To learn more, visit visier.com/careers

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