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What's It Like Working for Visier?

What's It Like Working for Visier?

What is Visier's company culture like? It's a common question we get asked, but the answer depends on who you ask. Here's one perspective.

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“What is Visier’s company culture like?” 

It’s one of the most common questions our talent acquisition team gets asked during the interview process. This is a great question but a very subjective one, as culture tends to mean different things to different people. I would bet that if you asked twenty Vizzies—the name for our employees—this question, you would receive twenty different responses that focus on different elements of what it is like working for Visier. I think of company culture as being representative of our professional way of life—the way in which our values, knowledge, processes, and general behaviors manifest themselves on a daily basis.

When speaking to applicants, I often describe Visier as representing the best of both worlds as a company. We embody some characteristics more commonly found in early-stage startups as well as those more commonly found in larger corporations. Culturally, I would describe us in a very similar way.

The way we communicate and work together is still indicative of an early-stage startup, despite our size and tenure. At all levels of the business we have a friendly, personable style of communication, and many of our senior leaders are still very hands-on and active members of project teams tackling our biggest challenges. We still demonstrate the same scrappiness and innovative mindset we did ten years ago, albeit on a much larger scale.

That said, our standards and ways of working are arguably more representative of a much larger and more established organization. Many members of our team, including our founders, have worked for more established organizations, or those that have experienced rapid growth, and have brought this knowledge and experience with them to Visier. We have high standards and a methodical approach to what we do. We believe in progress not perfection, and value taking experimental risks. When something appears like it’s not going to work, we “fail fast” so we can focus on the next idea that can drive innovation, productivity, and/or growth.

Again, this topic is subjective, and this summary is my take on our culture here at Visier. If you are interested in joining our team I would encourage you to ask other Vizzies how they view our culture so you can get multiple viewpoints on what you can expect when you become a Vizzie yourself!

To learn more about our current job openings, visit visier.com/careers.

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