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The C Sheet March 11 |...

The C Sheet March 11 | The Game of Talent Acquisition, Napping at Work, and Recruiting Women

This week in workforce news: A tough game of talent acquisition, recruiting women, and why napping at work may be here to stay.

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1. What Women Want 

Struggling to add women to your workforce? Gallup found that what women want in a job is actually quite that simple: better work-life balance and higher pay. What is surprising is the category that they significantly value more than men. Recruiting Women Takes More Than Just Competitive Pay (Gallup) 

2. The Race to Acquire Talent

As the Great Resignation plays on, talent acquisition and retention take center stage. So how can you lure talent into your organization and make those who haven’t left stay? Gone for now, or gone for good? How to play the new talent game and win back workers (McKinsey)

3. Don’t Take My Catnaps 

The rise of remote work has led to an increase of naps during the work day. However, the return to the office poses a threat to these midday catnaps. Should companies make the effort to make them more accessible? Are naps coming back with us to the office (Fast Company) 

4. American Indians and Alaskan Natives Get Job Visibility (Finally)

Historically, employment data for American Indians and Alaska Natives was left out of the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ monthly job update, which led to problems with funding and policy planning. Learn how one man and his team took matters into their own hands to get greater visibility: Adding American Indians and Alaska Natives to Jobs Friday (NPR) 

5. Resume Gaps are en Vogue

Resume gaps are no longer a deal breaker and nor should they be. Consequences of the pandemic have made the practice more common, including a new LinkedIn feature that allows users to add “career breaks” to their work timeline. Why resume gaps aren’t a big deal anymore (CNN) 

6. Warning Signs of Burnout

Levels of burnout have been increasingly high compared to pre-pandemic times, and the stress can be contagious in your workplace. Here are five tell-tale signs that need to be addressed—before it’s too late. 5 subtle signs you’re headed for burnout (Fast Company) 

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