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The C Sheet | September 10th

The C Sheet | September 10th

The C Sheet | September 10th

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The C Sheet

1. Automated Rejection

According to a new report by Harvard Business School, automated resume scanning technology is rejecting viable candidates. An estimated 75% of companies use this type of software—99% for Fortune 500 companies—causing both candidates and companies to miss out.  Automated hiring software is mistakenly rejecting millions of viable job candidates (The Verge)

2. Intentional Inclusivity 

Talent management doesn’t stop at hiring, and neither should diversity and inclusion efforts. Discover four areas to improve equity within your organization and deliver employee experiences that are unique to each employees’ needs. Diverse Talent Isn’t Enough. It’s Time to Get Real About Inclusion (Inc.)

3. In Pursuit of Accomplishments

What makes people happy at work? Despite what people may think, it doesn’t actually matter if your job reflects your highest potential or if it makes you a lot of money. It’s based on whether your values match your company’s and your sense of accomplishment. Here are  two goals to pursue to increase that feeling. The Secret to Happiness at Work (The Atlantic)

4. Career Advice from the Goddess of Rap

Not only does Missy Elliott know how to lose control, she also has some great career advice. Her pep talks on Twitter, which range from dealing with rejection to achieving your goals, will leave you feeling inspired. Missy Elliott’s Career Advice Is The Best Thing Going On Twitter (HuffPost)

5. A Collective Questioning

Research shows that people tend to quit their jobs after large life events cause them to self-reflect. With the pandemic causing a collective questioning, it’s on companies to make sure that when people assess their employment, they have a reason to stay.  The real reason everyone is quitting their jobs right now (Fortune)

6. “Operation Chillax”

Companies are scrambling to prevent their employees from experiencing burnout by giving them a week off work. But when they return to their desk with hundreds of unread emails, does that really help? We’ll Give You a Week Off. Please Don’t Quit. (The New York Times)

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