The C Sheet March 18 |...

The C Sheet March 18 | Offices as Shelters, Paying for Interviews, and Work Benefits of Optimism

This week in The C Sheet: Polish companies are using their offices as shelters for Ukranian refugees and love languages at work.

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1. Offices for Refuge  

Polish companies are offering their offices for Ukrainian refugees. SInce many businesses aren’t using their office spaces because of the rise of remote work, the open space serves as a great opportunity to help those in need. How Polish companies are transforming offices into refugee shelters for Ukrainians (Worklife) 

2. A Penny for Your Thoughts?

A Toronto company is paying people for job interviews for their time and effort. So, how much is an interview worth? This Ontario company will pay you for a job interview and here’s how much (CTV News) 

3. The Bright Side of Working

Research shows that positive thinking isn’t just beneficial for your wellbeing, but it also helps you at work too. Not only are optimists more likely to find new jobs, they also are less likely to burnout. Optimists Are Better at Finding New Jobs (Harvard Business Review) 

4. The Gig is Up 

People are quitting their jobs for contract work and it’s paying off. Not only does gig work offer itself more flexibility, people are also pocketing more cash. People Are Quitting Full-Time Jobs for Contract Work—and Making Six Figures (Wall Street Journal) 

5. Love Languages at Work 

Do you know your employees’ love language? At a mining company, each employee’s hardhat has a specific colored sticker that indicates their love language so that they’re appreciated accordingly. 3 Ways To Show Your Appreciation To Keep Your Talent (Inc.) 

6. This Company is a Stairmaster 

After feelings of disconnect due to siloed office spaces, a company built a 9-story staircase in its headquarters. Aesthetically pleasing with its geometric shape and lush plant wall, the staircase is meant to encourage connection.  To reunite its workforce, this company carved a 9-story staircase into its new HQ (Fast Company)

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