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The C Sheet | October 1st

1. A Well-Balanced Beehive State 

Do you live somewhere that promotes a healthy relationship between your personal and professional lives? This index ranks the states by work-life balance, based on number of hours worked, commute time, and a well-being index. Kudos to Utah for topping the list! The American Work-Life Balance Index (Lensa)

2. Looking for a Career in Cannabis? 

Fun fact: There are now more cannabis workers in the U.S. than there are dentists. Many of which came from retail and restaurant jobs in search of better working conditions. And the consensus? The grass is actually greener. Greener pastures: Marijuana jobs are becoming a refuge for retail and restaurant workers (Washington Post)   

3. Tracked Foot Traffic 

Across North America, the return to office varies greatly by city. With office occupancy ranging from 60-90% lower than it was pre-pandemic, Vitality Index was created to track this varying office foot traffic. Check it out for yourself: Who’s really returning to the office? It’s not exactly who you think (Fast Company)

4. CEOs Weigh In 

All of us have opinions on the new way of work: What we like, what we don’t like, and what we hope for the future. But what is top of mind for leaders? 15 CEOs share their top concerns and priorities as they plan for the future. The pandemic changed the way we work. 15 CEOs weigh in on what’s next (CNN)

5. Identity Crisis 

People who were forced out of their jobs during the pandemic are struggling to know who they are without their job title. Though it’s normal to identify with your job, enmeshment is another story. A psychologist offers advice on creating a healthy association between yourself and work. Is your job title your identity? (Fortune)

6. Chief Empathy Officer

Empathy is no longer a “nice to have” trait for leaders. During an unprecedented time of resignations and high reports of burnout, empathetic leaders are best suited to retain employees. The New Meaning Of CEO: Chief Empathy Officer – 4 Reasons Leaders Need Empathy Now (Forbes)

About the author: Grace Sheppard

Grace is a content marketing coordinator at Visier, where she helps create and organize ideas. She has experience in a variety of marketing roles, including social media and event management. Outside of work, Grace enjoys writing fiction and walking with her dog, Pippy.

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