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The C Sheet | July 16,...

The C Sheet | July 16, 2021

The C Sheet | July 16, 2021 | Visier People Analytics is a cloud-based analytic application designed to answer critical workforce strategy questions.

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The C Sheet

Welcome to The C Sheet, your weekly roundup of workforce news for your Friday morning consumption. If your schedule is too busy to read your favorite journal, or skim your LinkedIn feed, we’ve got you covered. Here you will find everything from need-to-know workforce statistics to the latest HR trends (good and bad)–and we promise to always make it brief. Enjoy!

1. That’s a load of BS 

If you’ve been wondering how much bulls**t goes on within your organization, congratulations, there’s now a scale for that. Before you call bull, there’s science to back it up. Researchers explore employee perceptions of bulls**t in the workplace with the “Organizational Bulls**t Perception Scale” (PsyPost)

2. The developers are burnt out

Working from home equates to working online. Unfortunately, that also means an increase in workload for developers in particular. Research shows 83% are suffering from burnout. 83% of Developers Suffer From Burnout, Haystack Analytics Study Finds (Haystack)

3. #QuitMyJob

In the middle of the resignation wave rises a budding trend: People are sharing the moment they quit their jobs on TikTok. Do they regret their decision? People Are Sharing The Moment They Quit Their Toxic Jobs On TikTok, And It’s A Journey (HuffPost)

4. And the survey says…

Research found that 12% of U.S. workers never want to go back to the office and 58% want vaccine requirements. Do you know how your employees feel about in-person work? Back to the Office: What Businesses Should Know About Employees’ Views on the Return to In-Person Work (Morning Consult) 

5. One month back in the office

Global news organization Quartz opened their NYC office to employees in June. Here’s what they’ve learned so far about operating a hybrid workplace—and spoiler—hot desks might not make the cut. What we’ve learned after one month of operating a hybrid office (Quartz at Work subscription req)

6. Struggling managers

Another post on hybrid work, but who could blame us? This study found that while executives are satisfied with their team’s productivity, middle managers may be having a harder time. 4 Imperatives for Managing in a Hybrid World (Harvard Business Review)

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