What Is the People Cloud?

What Is the People Cloud?

The people cloud is a term that refers to the opportunity to combine people data with business data to make better people decisions.

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What is the people cloud?

The people cloud is a term that refers to the opportunity to combine people data (wherever it might be housed) with business data to make better people decisions. Visier’s People Cloud, for instance, brings together people data and business data so businesses can see the full picture of their organization’s health.

What’s the difference between customer data and employee data?

Businesses need both customer data and employee data to thrive. Companies have long leveraged the power of customer data to make better marketing and product development decisions. Historically, though, companies haven’t done the same with their employee data. That’s changing. Many employers today are recognizing that employee data can be as important—if not more important—than customer data to help companies survive and thrive. Just as customer data helps companies make important decisions based on meaningful metrics, employee data helps them do the same.

What kind of decisions can be made based on access to the people cloud?

By connecting people to business outcomes, managers can make better decisions about hiring, promoting, compensation,  and training. They can also learn where and when to intervene to head off retention issues that could put business results at risk. The people cloud goes beyond simply gathering employee data—companies have done that for a long time. The people cloud combines people data with business data, providing ready access to that data to business leaders and managers, to extend people insights beyond HR teams.

How can people cloud data be made more accessible?

Sharing data—broadly—is how organizations realize real benefits from that data. Simply having data is just the starting point. That sharing, known as data democratization, means moving beyond housing and hoarding data in siloes to extending access across the organization.

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