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People Behind Visier: Michelle Prebble

People Behind Visier: Michelle Prebble

In celebration of Global TA day, we’re highlighting Visier's Talent Acquisition Manager, Michelle Prebble, in this People Behind Visier profile.

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In celebration of Global TA day, we’re highlighting Visier’s Talent Acquisition Manager, Michelle Prebble, in our latest People Behind Visier profile. You may have noticed the purple squirrel in her picture above. The purple squirrel represents  the job candidate with the perfect experience and qualifications for a role. While talent acquisition managers are usually on the hunt for purple squirrels, we believe that Michelle is one herself!

Name: Michelle Prebble

Title: Talent Acquisition Manager

Residence: Vancouver, BC 

Hometown: Petersborough, Ontario 

Michelle’s journey with Visier began in November 2020, when she accepted the role of Talent Acquisition Manager. A people person to the core, Michelle was always interested in the function of people analytics in business, but didn’t get to explore it until joining Visier. 

Now, as Visier’s Talent Acquisition Manager, Michelle is responsible for both strategic and day-to-day recruiting. “I help shape the direction and development of Visier’s talent acquisition strategy, and redefine how we look at recruiting by improving our systems and modes of best practice,” Michelle explains. If you ever go through Visier’s recruitment process, chances are you’ll have the opportunity to meet Michelle! 

Let’s take a closer look at Michelle’s role at Visier and her life outside work: 

What’s your motivation for doing what you do? 

My goal is to build high-performing teams, and I love being innovative and untraditional in the ways we accomplish this. Talent acquisition is no longer about matching resumes to job descriptions. My motivation comes from making direct human connections, finding diverse talent, and helping people succeed at a personal and career level.

What has been a big learning moment in your career? 

When I transitioned from my previous agency role to talent acquisition at Visier, it was definitely a steep but exciting learning curve. I went from working on very focused projects to being a jack of all trades.

What’s important to you about people analytics? 

Too often we see a lack of opportunity, unfair decisions, and poor support from organizations—and people’s performance becomes a reflection of that. Companies see poor performance as the result of individual shortcomings instead of issues in how they treat their people. 

People analytics closes the gap of understanding for everyone involved. It allows organizations to take a step back and say, “Maybe we need to reevaluate how we operate in a way that’s best for our people.”

What’s most exciting about your job?

In talent acquisition, you get to be a consultant, salesperson, and thought leader all in one. On a personal level, you’re also the one who gets to deliver good news to successful candidates. 

What’s your favourite Visier memory? 

Because I’m pretty new to Visier, it has to be when I recently got to see my coworkers in the office! It felt like seeing a friend you haven’t seen in a long time. 

What is something professionally you are proud of? 

Moving from a very focused agency role to talent acquisition. I’m proud of the fact I could context-shift between two very different environments, and rebrand my skills to provide value no matter where I am.

Best advice you were ever given?

Put your hand up to do something you might not necessarily have experience or a place in. If there’s an opportunity that scares you, all the more reason you should do it! 

What’s one hobby you’d love to get into? 

Woodworking or furniture making. I want to be able to turn down the noise of the world and focus on one thing. 

Do you have a fun fact about yourself? 

I swim in the ocean year-round, even in the Canadian winter. 

What song do you have on repeat right now?

A few! Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles—it’s (unfortunately) just too catchy, Can’t Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake, and anything by Ziggy Alberts or the Teskey Brothers.

What was your dream career as a kid?

It changed every five minutes. I remember wanting to either be a cheerleader or an athlete! 

Which people/characters would you invite to a dinner party? 

Freddie Mercury, Barack Obama, Dr. Andrew Huberman, Melinda Gates and Fei-Fei Li – a female AI pioneer who discovered gender bias in AI. 

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