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People Behind Visier: Alvin Man

Want to know the people behind our product? We are featuring Alvin Man, Senior Business Intelligence Consultant in our latest People Behind Visier series.

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Alvin Man

Name: Alvin Man

Title: Senior Business Intelligence Consultant

Residence: Richmond, BC

Hometown: Vancouver, BC

Alvin’s journey with Visier started about 4.5 years ago where he saw a posting for a Data Management Engineer position after graduating from BCIT. In this role, he worked on the R&D side of Visier and eventually became a team lead that managed a small team of data management engineers. 

About 1.5 years ago, he got recruited into the OEM side of Visier. Now, as a Senior Business Intelligence Consultant on the OEM delivery team, Alvin sits at the forefront of our embedded product. He leads the technical implementation for our OEM customers in helping them load and transform their data into our application data model. On top of our customers, he also works closely with many different internal teams, such as product, development, enablement, and production support.

Through delivering our embedded product to our OEM customers, Alvin helps Visier reach many more users in small to mid-sized companies, allowing them to access and leverage Visier’s analytics to make data-driven decisions.

Let’s dive deeper into Alvin’s work and his life: 

Work Questions:

What brings you to work every day?

By working directly with our OEM customers to solve their business objectives and find solutions to their business problems, I create a much larger impact and footprint–each implementation that I carry out has the ability to affect thousands of users. This is what brings me to work as this part is very exciting and fulfilling to me. I also have to say that I have a great team to work with, which keeps me motivated at work everyday!

How does your team support our customers? 

Our team focuses on running the onboarding projects for our OEM customers, which includes discussing their data needs and what information they want loaded into Visier. We also guide them through setting up the technical integrations, and support them to their launch, which is when we roll out Visier’s embedded analytics application to their users. 

From that point on, we continually support our OEM customers with weekly calls to gauge how their users are using the application, the usage rate, and whether they have any concerns or issues with the product. We also continually improve on our implementation by rolling out new updates to add more solutions to their product.

Do you have any career goals you’re working towards?

Good question! One of the next steps for me is to be an expert on our solutions and a go-to person for the OEM onboardings. Ultimately, I am working towards my goal of becoming a Solutions Architect. 

What is something professionally you are proud of?

I am proud that I went out of my comfort zone to take on this role because, in a way, I refused this role once before. I was set on where I thought I wanted to be at that time. However, it ended up being one of the best decisions that I have made. Even though it was a big challenge and stressful for me at first, I was able to learn many new skills that I would never have had if I didn’t take on this role. 

What’s the best thing you did to make work from home easier?

The best thing I did to make work from home easier was to upgrade my chair. Previously, I had been using a flimsy bungee cord chair, and it was not meant for hours of sitting. Since we moved to a fully work from home environment, I decided to splurge a bit on a more supportive chair to help me get through the day in more comfort.

Alvin’s home office set up

Life Questions: 

What’s the best advice you were ever given? Who was it from?

“Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to who someone else is today” 


It doesn’t do any good to keep comparing yourself to others and getting upset or jealous that they have something you don’t. Instead, focus on improving yourself from who you were yesterday.

What’s one hobby you’d love to get into?

As an aviation enthusiast, I had a dream to become a Commercial Pilot for one of my favourite airlines; however, things didn’t go as planned, and I never got a chance to chase after that dream. As a result, I am now planning to get my Private Pilot License so I can fly anywhere I want and enjoy Vancouver’s skyline from above. I also am an aviation photographer outside of work, also known as Onemoreweektogo on social media!

Dream travel destination? 

I would love to travel to Iceland one day to experience the breathtaking scenery, and to do some landscape photography as well.

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