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What Is HR Technology?

Learn the meaning behind HR technology and how it has impacts HR functions.

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HR technology is a broad term that refers to both the hardware and software used by HR professionals to manage human resources efforts. HR technology has evolved significantly over the past several years and now encompasses the ability to manage recruiting, payroll, benefit administration, performance, employee engagement, learning and development, and more.

How does HR technology impact the HR function?

HR management has traditionally been a very labor-intensive and administrative function. The application of technology in HR, though, has streamlined a wide range of HR tasks, allowing more time for HR leaders to focus on strategic initiatives.

In addition to speeding up and making for more efficient HR functions, HR technology has advanced sophisticated data-driven decision-making in HR. This allows HR practitioners to make better decisions and offer appropriate recommendations to organizational leaders.

What can HR technology not do?

While HR technology has become an integral part of HR operations across companies of all sizes regardless of industry, there are some things it cannot do. 

For instance, technology cannot fully replace the need for human interaction and the human aspects of HR like empathy, understanding, and personal judgment. It’s also not able to fully eliminate the potential for bias. In fact, if not effectively monitored, technology can actually perpetuate biases.

What should HR professionals know about HR technology?

In the past, many people entered the HR field because they had strong interpersonal and communication skills. Those skills are still important, but HR professionals today also need data and tech-related skills. They should be able to understand how HR technology can impact their work, what the implications for data privacy and security are, and what emerging technologies and HR-related applications are impacting their work.

What are some trends in HR technology?

As technology continues to evolve, HR leaders need to be aware of emerging trends like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), blockchain, and increasingly sophisticated people analytics applications.

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