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The 2024 Vizzie Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2024 Vizzie Award winners! Read about how they are innovating, creating, and leading the way in data-driven HR.

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Visier customers innovating with people analytics award winners 2024

Every year Visier's annual conference Outsmart brings together HR innovators, people leaders, and disruptors to discuss what's now, new, and next in people analytics. During the event, we take the time to recognize a select few Visier customers who have stood out over the past year with their ability to use our product in innovative, unique, and inspiring ways. 

In 2024, we are thrilled to award six winners that are paving the way in people analytics excellence by showing their peers how Visier should and can be used. Congratulations to this outstanding group of customers!

Announcing the winners of the 2024 Vizzie Awards:

  • Providence Health & Services: Deeper Insights Award

  • Prudential Financial: Perfect Pair Award

  • Micron Technology: Champion Award

  • Richemont/Cartier: Innovation Award

  • Baptist Health: Democratizing Data Award

  • Standard Bank Group: Content Excellence Award

Providence Health & Services 

Deeper Insights Award

With a record number of hirings last year, the Providence team was able to increase hirings by 15% YoY and retention by 20% compared to the previous year. Providence used Visier to create scorecard guidebooks for leaders so they could see how their line of business is performing against set metrics. 

Most importantly, Providence got strategic with its Visier insights. They had a lofty goal of increasing hiring and retention during a time when both were difficult in the healthcare industry. Looking at factors like agency use and vacancy rates, they prioritized 12 departments across five ministries where they felt they could make an impact by being more focused on recruiting efforts. 

Congratulations to Providence Health and Services for its strategic planning and immense success! 

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Prudential Financial

Perfect Pair Award 

We admire Prudential Financial's exceptional use of Visier, with the CHRO consistently leveraging insights to present to other executives. They truly exemplify Visier champions by pushing boundaries and utilizing data-driven insights at the highest levels of their business. This success is a testament to the fantastic relationship between the CHRO and the PA team. Prudential sets the standard for what an effective CHRO and PA team relationship should look like.

Kudos to Prudential for their outstanding achievement!

Micron Technology

Champion Award

Micron Technology has been a Visier customer for over 10 years. During this time, we’ve formed invaluable relationships with key stakeholders at Micron that have allowed our partnership to blossom. Micron has dedicated some of its top talent to realizing the full potential of Visier. Additionally, Micron continuously shows up for Visier as a partner by completing reference calls, presenting at customer sessions, and speaking at conferences. 

The fantastic commitment and dedication of the Micron team don’t go unnoticed here at Visier. Thanks for all that you do! 


Innovation Award

Richemont/Cartier recently took Visier to new heights by incorporating business outcome data (retail sales receipts, product, and customer references) to provide objective performance measurements for their sales team. This project has allowed them to determine which behaviors or attributes impact outcomes and use these insights to help optimize sales teams for improved future outcomes.

We applaud this innovative use of Visier, which will inspire other Visier customers to leverage people data to achieve broader business goals. 

Félicitations à vous!

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Baptist Health

Democratizing Data Award

Knowledge is power. Baptist Health took this phrase seriously this past year by democratizing compensation data to impacted parties. They created guidebook content around annual compensation changes (including an FAQ) and used this to facilitate greater adoption among people leaders across the organization. Usage spiked ~300% as a result, and Visier became the single source of truth to support people leaders in having compensation change discussions with their reports.

Fantastic work, Baptist Health!

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Standard Bank Group

Content Excellence Award

One of the greatest drivers of people analytics adoption is well-designed content. In Visier's first-ever Customer Guidebook Competition, we pose the question of what 'great' looks like to our customer community. 

Visier solicited entries from its enterprise customers between January and March of this year to assess best practices in people analytics content design based on five factors: usage, diversity of personas consuming people data, visual appeal, ability to action information, and business impact.

The overall winner is Standard Bank Group, a major South African bank and financial services company. In describing her team’s Visier guidebook submission, Jeanne-Marie Venter, people and culture reporting analyst at Standard Bank Group, said: “Our goal with this guidebook is to ensure that all employees have access to their entire personal profile at the bank. This access is intended to help them on their career journey while also assisting us in maintaining data quality. Even before we formally introduced this analysis to the business, we received over 17,500 views on it last year.”

Meet our finalists:

Visier recognized the finalists whose entries met all the criteria but especially stood out in one of these categories. 

Finalist: Gary Russo, Providence

“Our ultimate goal is action, not admiration. We minimize analysis paralysis with design choices that emphasize the insights that matter most.”

Entry: Turnover: Start Here 

Category: Business Impact

Summary: Clearly defined alignment with organizational objectives

Finalist: Andrew McColl, Commonwealth Bank Australia

“Gleaning insights about in-office attendance may not be everyone’s idea of advanced analytics, but this intervention has changed behaviour, and has contributed to a big jump in usage and adoption of our people analytics tools…Watch this space for the next business problem we solve.”

Entry: Team Connection Australia 

Category: Usage

Summary: % of views relative to the population

Finalist: Neal Meister, eBay

“We worked with our internal design team to create custom icons, images and color palettes to match eBay’s branding playbook. This really increased the visual appeal of the existing data and content in our OrgHealth analyses and guidebooks.”

Entry: OrgHealth Scorecard 

Category: Visual appeal

Summary: Analysis layout visually allows user to quickly see results

Company: Emily Waite, BCBS of NC

“Our dynamic guidebook allows business leaders access to workforce data on demand as we expand Visier outside of Human Resources. We’re providing resources for getting started, understanding the data (including internal comparisons), and potential action steps to take for a variety of workforce data scenarios.”

Entry: Workforce Overview for Business Leaders

Category: Ability to Action

Summary: Designed to encourage action

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