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Announcing the 2023 Vizzie Award Winners!

We’re excited to announce 2023 Vizzie award winners, Visier customers who are making big impacts at their organizations with innovative uses of people analytics.

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Announcing the 2023 vizzie award winners

Every year at Outsmart, we like to honor a handful of Visier customers who are doing incredible things with our product. This year, we’ve selected seven winners who have gone above and beyond with their use of people analytics, creating value at their respective companies. 

Without further ado, the 2023 Vizzies go to:

  • BASF: Deeper Insights Award

  • DaVita: Time to Value Award

  • IQVIA: Insightful Leadership Award

  • Merck & Co: Champion Award

  • Standard Bank Group: Span of Influence Award

  • DocuSign: Democratizing Data Award


Deeper Insights Award

BASF Global and North America have undergone a critical transformation over the last few months consolidating their people analytics strategy into a global standard. 

Because of their efforts, their team has created a leading-edge people analytics consulting function across BASF’s divisional structure, as well as nurturing analytics, HRBPs, and leadership stakeholder groups to improve data literacy. Both Global and North American teams have enjoyed great success in holding monthly town hall-style ‘knowledge exchange’ meetings, featuring guest speakers, demonstrations of upcoming Visier features, and a people analytics book club. Well done! 


Time to Value Award

In the short time DaVita has been a Visier customer, they have accomplished a great deal. To name a few of their accomplishments: They partnered with Visier’s Advisory Solutions Consulting team on creating a ‘Welcome Guidebook,” added an additional use case, and serve as fantastic partners to our team. We can’t wait to see what they do next! 


Insightful Leadership Award

IQVIA has been a strategic partner since 2015, and leading the charge of people analytics transformation is Kunal Thakkar, Senior Director, HRIS, Reporting and Analytics. 

Kunal understands the value of Visier and has been a great advocate by speaking at our conferences and helping with customer reference calls.

From beta testing features to being invested as an early adopter on products, Kunal and IQVIA have pushed us to be a better product and company, and we couldn’t be more grateful. 

Merck & Co

Champion Award

Since 2017, Merck & Co. have collaborated with us on many forward-looking projects and features, such as anomaly detection. Darcy Varga, Associate Director, HR Reporting and Insights, and her team provided valuable information about their in-house anomaly detection tool and provided guidance to our development team as we were creating our own. Darcy was instrumental in this effort, along with Merck’s Research & Data Science teams. Thank you Darcy and team! 

Standard Bank Group

Span of Influence Award

Standard Bank Group has partnered with Visier since 2019 and have consistently expanded the scope and horizon of what a carefully-executed and long-term approach to embedding people analytics across an organization can achieve. 

Few have developed and deployed so many Visier use cases to such a high number of key stakeholder groups, including creating completely new use cases along the way! 

Standard Bank ultimately aims to roll a version of Visier out to all 45k employees, to allow them to track key analytics relating to their performance, career progression, learning activities and compensation. Kudos! 


Democratizing Data Award

DocuSign embarked on an ambitious new analysis journey to implement the standard Visier Learn module and a custom new Learning Usage module. This new module provides insight on the volume and frequency of learning usage and the types of content that are being accessed across all DocuSign learning systems. When combined with the learning completion insights from the Visier Learn module, the overall combined solution allows DocuSign to evaluate which courses and content are the most effective. In addition, DocuSign can now determine ROI of specific content or courses by tying these outcomes to employee events such as promotion and attrition rates.

These findings will help better equip DocuSigners with the right learning content to develop skills to succeed. Amazing work! 

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