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Steal These People Analytics Strategies from the 2022 Vizzie Award Winners

Visier is proud to celebrate five standout people-powered organizations for their people analytics strategies. Meet the 2022 Vizzie Award winners.

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The Vizzie Awards are a highlight of Visier’s annual Outsmart conference. Visier is proud to celebrate five standout people-powered organizations, all of whom prove the impact that effective people analytics can have on not only improving employee experience and business performance, but also enabling people and business to win together. Learn more about our winners below!

The 2022 Vizzies go to (drumroll, please):

Rapid Transformation Award Winner is DocuSign

DocuSign provides corporations and individuals with a fast, reliable, and secure way to electronically sign documents and agreements on almost any device from anywhere in the world. 

Faced with the challenge of piecing together key HR metrics and developing a method of ongoing monitoring, DocuSign turned to Visier to develop two dashboards for planning and ongoing monitoring. These dashboards cut across all key areas of the employee lifecycle to include topics such as headcount, hiring, promotions, transfers, attrition, and select employee listening survey results. They also took advantage of the new ability to combine both HR metrics and survey data into one dashboard, providing a holistic picture of key metrics in one place. 

“This is one of the most detailed dashboards I have ever launched in my career. Visier definitely cuts down on the build time and frees us up for higher value activities,” says Kevin Moore, Senior Director People Analytics at DocuSign.

Insightful Leadership Award Winner is Standard Bank Group

Standard Bank Group is based in Johannesburg, South Africa. They are a 159-year-old financial institution offering banking and financial services to individuals, businesses, institutions and corporations. They have approximately 45,000 employees, mainly based in South Africa, as well as 16 other African countries with an additional presence in other international markets.

They empower over 5,000 people managers with impactful daily insights by utilizing a wide range of Visier applications, including Talent, Learning, and Planning. During the challenges brought on by the pandemic, Standard Bank line managers used Visier to pro-actively support employees across the business. Additionally, metrics provided by Visier enable the business to extract meaningful insights that will improve business outcomes. 

“Decisions need to be made at a line manager level as they are best fit to make these types of decisions,” said Ampie Swanepoel, Head of Workforce Insights Value Management at Standard Bank Group, in this case study.

Visier is also used to optimize the bank’s workforce engagement, increase diversity in the organization, and measure leadership effectiveness. Visier’s products are now used in Executive Committee meetings across the bank’s global subsidiaries and are a key part of HR’s toolset.

Going forward, Standard Bank Group strives to help both the business and its employees be the best they can possibly be, through their new “It Can Be” campaign. Visier is literally the data-delivering force supporting the new company brand and tagline.  

Hire Smarter Award Winner is Anglo American

Anglo American is headquartered in London, England. They are the world’s largest producer of platinum, producing around 40% of the world’s output, as well as diamonds, copper, nickel, iron ore and metallurgical and thermal coal.

Anglo American used Visier to create content for over 40 different measures throughout the recruitment lifecycle process. This stretches beyond initial selection and includes evaluating assessments that impact the quality of hire and diversity bias in the pipeline. 

Visier has saved Anglo American hundreds of hours of work and helped focus on the qualitative aspects of recruitment so the business can recruit more effectively. Today, Talent Acquisition is the most heavily used content in the organization.

“HR was not always seen as a critical partner, but now as we start to add greater value through the use of data and analytics to support the business and the decisions they need to make around our people, we are changing the way the business sees us and the value we can add,”  Dominic Podmore, Head of Information System, HR at Anglo American, said in this case study.

Magnetic Workplace Award Winner is Baptist Health

Baptist Health is a mission-driven, not-for-profit healthcare organization with more than 23,000 employees—over 1,500 of whom are providers, and among its healthcare facilities operates nine hospitals, primarily in Kentucky and southern Indiana. 

Using Visier, they monitored serious retention problems in real-time across their hospital network in the midst of projected COVID spikes and were able to address changes quickly. For example, they estimated the cost of turnover, which then gave them an estimated return on the investment being made in additional PTO—an effort dubbed the “HOPE Project” that encouraged staff to stay. Average turnover costs Baptist Health millions every month and this program cut that loss in half, with proven savings and a positive return on investment due to significantly reduced turnover.

While the analytic capabilities of the Baptist Health team were crucial in averting this retention crisis, new uses for people data insights were discovered as more teams began to use Visier’s capabilities. Use of Visier is spreading and Baptist Health is now moving from being able to see what was happening retrospectively, to now being able to predict what’s going to happen. This capability drove the Baptist Health team to choose Visier over competing products, because of the potential for identifying hotspots that needed intervention, and more importantly, to forecast, giving the team a chance to effect change. 

“We are able to predict somebody is thinking about leaving before they know that they’re thinking about leaving,” says Steve Rudolf, System Vice President, Human Resources at Baptist Health. 

Deeper Insights Award Winner is The LEGO Group

The LEGO Group is based in Billund, Denmark and manufactures toys, consisting mostly of interlocking plastic bricks. The LEGO Group has manufacturing facilities, amusement parks, and administrative offices around the world, and operates numerous retail stores. 

LEGO is in the midst of a digital business transformation that directly impacts people management and the need for data-driven insights. There are four main drivers underpinning this initiative: productivity, agility, experience, and influence. This effort resulted in ​​simplified employee and manager-led processes, embracing self-service, and leveraging all the key data elements needed across the employee journey. It is a transformation project that has analytics and insights as one of the key drivers from the very beginning—and that’s where Visier comes into play. 

Their people analytics team empowers people leaders to run their own analyses, with full transparency into the information they need to more effectively manage their teams. Visier is also available to the senior leadership team, resulting in more helpful insights that can support strategic decision-making within the business.

“Visier was a great hit for us, which meant we could start delivering value across business measures, understanding people analytics before we really modernized the underlying infrastructure. And that was great to be able to show value straight away. It was absolutely brilliant,” says Melissa Kantor, VP of People Analytics and Insights, at LEGO. 

Learn more about LEGO’s people-powered digital transformation and how people analytics supported their HCM rollout strategy

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