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Visier Launches Six Additional “Visier NOW” Solutions Targeting the Most Urgent Workforce Challenges

Vancouver, BC |

Visier, the globally recognized leader in people analytics and on-demand answers for people-powered business, today announced the expansion of Visier NOW, a family of purpose-built solutions specifically addressing today’s urgent workforce challenges. The suite of Visier NOW solutions includes:

  • AI-powered analytics and planning tools trusted by the world’s most recognizable brands.  

  • Pre-built questions, analytics models, and best practices targeted to a specific challenge.

  • White-glove implementation and tailored support services.

“With the full launch of Visier NOW, Visier is one step closer to providing our customers with the human truth behind their business and their employees,” said Ryan Wong, CEO of Visier. “Organizations that apply Visier NOW to their complex workforce challenges will have a headstart in empowering their organization, especially managers, to better support the heart of their business–their people.”

These new solutions bring the total of Visier NOW offerings to eight, building on the two that were announced last year. These include:

Hire Smarter–Uniquely suited to help organizations improve their hiring process, this solution identifies holes in the hiring funnel, the efficiency of key channels and resources, and opportunities for internal sourcing. Armed with these insights, talent acquisition teams can outsmart, rather than outwork, the competition.

Strategic CompensationAn innovative approach that provides insights and impacts of an organization’s compensation plan. Using Visier's unique capabilities, HR leaders and people managers can allocate compensation where it matters, accurately budget for compensation changes, and ensure equitable pay. 

Happiness FactorsGoing beyond traditional employee survey data, this solution gives leaders visibility into what truly matters to their employees. With these insights, organizations can make informed decisions on employee engagement initiatives—and see their impact. 

Better Managers– This solution delivers a holistic view of managers' impact on people across key dimensions, including retention, performance, and engagement. With an insights-led approach, HR leaders can identify the characteristics of top managers, identify cohorts who need support, and develop and retain top leaders.  

Talent Pathways– Organizations can create smart career paths, built on actual movement, to help employees steer their careers while deploying talent where they’ll have the biggest impact. This solution empowers HR leaders and people managers to support overall career growth, employee satisfaction, and reduce retention risk.

Revenue Team Management & Optimization– By combining people data with sales data, this solution enables leaders to understand the people insights behind the sales results. Using a data-backed approach, HR teams and sales teams can work together to reduce revenue risk, optimize compensation plans, and see the impact of training programs to develop top-performing teams. 

Plus the two previously available Visier NOW solutions:

Retention Focus– An expertly designed managed service that provides an early warning system for retention risks, the specific drivers of employee turnover, and the tools for heading off employee exits. This packaged solution lets HR leaders, people managers, and executives get ahead of employee resignations and associated staffing issues before they happen. 

Guided Diversity Planning– The first, and only, purpose-built workforce planning solution available for achieving diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) goals. Using Visier’s analytics and planning capabilities, this solution allows HR leaders and executives to set and work toward C-suite and board-level DEI goals, guided by data and predictive insights. 

The expansion of Visier NOW comes on the heels of Visier’s launch of the People Cloud, solving the ‘Last Mile’ problem that can limit the transformational potential of people analytics strategies: extending beyond HR departments by putting timely, relevant insights directly in the hands of leaders who manage people.

Visit visier.com/now for more details.