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Hire Smarter

Rethink Talent Acquisition

A massive labor shortage. Lofty candidate expectations. Exhausted recruiters. Hire Smarter helps you allocate and optimize resources to find today’s top talent.

Data visualization showing hiring funnel insights

Get insight into your hiring funnel

Identify where you have holes in your hiring funnel and tighten the process to stop good talent from slipping through. Is it the candidate experience? Overworked recruiters? A biased hiring process? Inefficient channels? Get clarity to make the right changes.

Data visualization showing Emsi compensation ratio

Fine tune your compensation strategy

Compensation is a major factor in attracting candidates, and you can’t afford to fly blind. Understand how the external labor market and compensation ratios influence hiring success so you can optimize your recruitment strategies.

Data visualization showing internal sourcing paths

Identify internal sourcing opportunities

Finding good talent on the open market is expensive, and the solution to your talent acquisition challenge is often hiding in plain sight—inside your organization. Identify internal sources of candidates and reduce costs while providing career progression that leads to retention.

10 Talent Acquisition Strategies for Winning in 2022’s Tough Job Market

Talent acquisition is on a whole new level in 2022; get prepared to win with these creative strategies for attracting and hiring top talent.

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Partner with experts to deliver real change

We’re here with you every step of the way. Leverage deep expertise and tailored support to help you accelerate towards your goals.

Guidance at every step
We partner with you to lead successful data-oriented transformation through your organization. Leverage Visier-guided best practices and recommendations to drive positive change.
Tailored support
Leveraging your current data to identify your unique challenges and underlying root causes, we develop a targeted action plan designed to address your highest priorities.
Activate your organization
Give focus and drive accountability by putting information into the hands of the leaders making the decisions. Empower data-driven decision-making that makes progress.

Get Smart About Talent Acquisition

Hire Smarter gives everyone in your organization the actionable insights to attract, and retain, today’s top talent.

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