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The C Sheet November 26: Calm...

The C Sheet November 26: Calm Before Black Friday Eve, Airport Surges, and The Transgender Work Experience

This week in workforce news: Target announces it won't open for Thanksgiving, airport surges, and new research on transgender employees' experiences.

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1. Give Thanks for No Thanksgiving Shift

Target’s doors stayed shut yesterday, and will continue to stay closed during future Thanksgivings. While big box stores remained closed last year due to the pandemic, many stayed shut this year in the attempt to ease the pressure on the supply chain demand. Target says it will never open on Thanksgiving again (CNN)

2. The Transgender Work Experience

New research from McKinsey found that transgender adults are twice as likely to be unemployed than cisgender adults. The report, Being transgender at work, found that transgender employees are both underrepresented and underpaid, revealing the urgent need for organizations to establish a more inclusive workplace. The transgender work experience? “People need to feel safe.” (McKinsey) 

3. Show Me the Money

In an attempt to help close the gender pay gap, Finland is proposing a new law that allows workers to see how much their colleagues earn. Critics say it will create more conflict, while labor unions want even more transparency. Finland plans to let workers see colleagues’ salaries to close gender pay gap (Reuters)

4. Use Your Energy Wisely

Time is limited, but energy is not—if you’re managing your energy well, that is. In order for organizations to help their burned out workforce, and as a result be more productive, they need to establish a culture that allows people to recharge. Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time (HBR) 

5. Brace for Landing 

After months of pilot shortages, overworked staff, and unruly passengers, are airports ready for Thanksgiving travel? Some say they’re prepared for the travel surge, while others are bracing for added storms. Are Bay Area airports ready for Thanksgiving travel surge? (Mercury News)  

6. Invisible Identities

We all have identities that make us who we are. While some are visible, others are not—but they all impact the way we work. This workshop panel discusses if, when, and how to disclose them at work. Watch: How to navigate the whole-self workplace (Quartz at Work) 

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