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The C Sheet January 28: The Power of Sabbaticals, A Rise in Rage Rooms, and Why You Need to Upskill Your Workforce

Add another name to the list of terms associated with the Great Resignation: The Great Sabbatical. Here's why mid-career proffessionals are taking a break.

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1. Sabbaticals Are No Longer a Faux Pas 

Add another name for the Great Resignation to the list: The Great Sabbatical. Instead of leaving a job with a new offer in hand, mid-career workers are taking extended periods of time off. What used to be considered taboo is now the new norm—here’s why that’s a good thing. The Great Resignation has morphed into the Great Sabbatical (Fast Company) 

2. Corporate-Sponsored Rage Rooms 

Emotions are running high—why not hit things to let it out? Companies are looking for ways to help their employees improve their mental health that include trips to rage rooms, spending time at horse barns, and gifting Pelotons. Bringing your emotions to work (even rage) is suddenly in vogue (Fortune) 

3. Upskilling: Help Me Help You 

In a tight labor market, you should be focused on retention—but pay raises will only get you so far. Employees want to know what their career growth opportunities are, and more importantly, how you’re going to help them get there. How to Build a Successful Upskilling Program (Harvard Business Review) 

4. r/antiwork 

The anti-work movement is gaining momentum. In a subreddit thread with 1.7 million subscribers, users share their work horror stories along with personal philosophies on the purpose of work. But what does anti-work really mean? The rise of the anti-work movement (BBC)

5. Can Pay Transparency Help Your DEI Goals? 

According to LinkedIn, 2022 is going to be the year for pay transparency. A step already taken by Netflix and Whole Foods, some believe that salary awareness has the potential to create more equitable workplaces. Why 2022 Is the Year of Pay Transparency (Inc.) 

6. The Future of Leaders

It’s always been challenging to be a productive leader, but the past two years have been exceptionally hard. Here are five shifts leaders should adopt to prepare for the future of work: 5 Leadership Shifts For The Future Of Work: New Approaches For New Landscapes (Forbes)

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