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Really, really see your employees.

Visier reveals the human truth behind your business, empowering you to see the best your people and business can achieve together.


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15M+ employee records

2000+ built-in metrics

People Cloud

Combine people data and business data, wherever it lives. Share insights securely with the context that people leaders need to make better, more responsible decisions. Learn more

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People Managers

How the Visier People Cloud is different

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People answers, on demand

Ask the right questions using 2,000+ pre-built questions and analytics based on over a decade of real-world practice.

Disruptive time to value

Simplify and automate the most time consuming parts of the people analytics process using built-in data management capabilities.

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Open and extensible data hub

Bring together people data and business data from anywhere into a single system to reveal powerful people-powered insights.

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Performance benchmarking

Compare your performance to benchmarks based on over 15 million employee records and 3rd-party data.

Featured insights

The Age of Employees Is Here

The Age of Employees Is Here

This year’s Workplace Trends focuses on ten trends that reflect the people-first attitude that will dominate 2022 and beyond, showing you what challenges you’ll meet, and the best practices to follow to ensure you can meet the new year head on.

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Stop the Exit

In this Visier Insights© Report, we analyzed data from Visier Community People Data, a unique database of anonymized, standardized workplace records, and consulted external research to explore the current resignation trends and who is most at risk of leaving.

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The Burnout Epidemic Report

After more than a year of higher workloads, hiring freezes and The Great Resignation, employees are feeling the strain. This report covers findings from a survey conducted to understand which employees feel the most depleted, the root causes of burnout, and how employers can better support their employees.

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