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Embed generative AI inside your product to drive new revenue

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Accelerate your generative AI journey

Accelerate revenues with the generative AI solution you can quickly embed inside your product. Fast-track your way from zero to generative AI heroes in record time.

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Accelerate revenues, win new business, delight customers

Don’t be caught flat-footed when it comes to genAI. Embed with Visier so you can innovate quickly and claim your competitive advantage. Vee is more than just technology you can embed. It’s a catalyst for new innovation and revenue.

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Make insights accessible to everyone, naturally

Improve adoption of your application by offering a conversational UI in your product that allows your customers to ask questions naturally and get instant answers to their workforce questions in plain language.

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Get the adoption you want with the security you need

Deliver valuable insights to people up and down the organization in a way that ensures people data is protected, with proper governance around security, privacy, and user access.

Vee for Partners is different

Transform how your customers interact with your application and elevate the user experience. Fast. Accurate. Secure. Private.

We prioritize the privacy of people data


We prioritize the privacy of people data

Our genAI is never trained on sensitive customer data. We train using our massive body of anonymized data - not actual customer data - on how to interpret and pose a question.

We have security and privacy built in


We have security and privacy built in

Our industry-leading security model - designed to handle the intricacies of people data with enterprise-grade security, privacy, and user access - extends to our generative AI tool.

We make insights accessible to anyone


We make insights accessible to anyone

Make insights accessible to anyone. Deliver answers to complex people questions presented in natural language in a way people can confidently use. Charts optional.

We deliver answers at the speed of thought


We deliver answers at the speed of thought

We train our genAI on over 250 million normalized, well-structured, anonymized data points, 4000 business metrics, and tens of thousands of common people analytics questions.

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