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Maximize your learning investment.

Ensure your learning and development programs are meeting the needs of the business. Visier People® Learning provides answers to critical questions your LMS can’t answer, like: how is L&D impacting employee retention, performance, or engagement? Who would benefit most from a learning investment? What learning programs are not driving better business results?
Develop an engaged, productive workforce.

Develop an engaged, productive workforce.

With Visier People® Learning, discover the impact that learning is having on performance, promotions, and turnover. Uncover the connection between learning and engagement by comparing participation against engagement survey results. And connect learning with key business initiatives, such as sales numbers, customer feedback, to measure just how much you’re moving the needle.
Stay on top of compliance levels and risks.

Stay on top of compliance levels and risks.

Don’t let compliance-training hold up the business –Learning enables you to stay on top of the situation and plan for changes in the workforce, whether due to growth or the predicted exits of your certified members. Predict the time you need to get your workforce compliant so that you can optimize training capacity on the fly, minimize risk, and reduce the impact to workforce productivity.
Make sense of the complex learning landscape.

Make sense of the complex learning landscape.

Learning is happening everywhere, tracked and managed in multiple solutions. Bring it all together so that you can understand the impact. Spot trends in the sea of records from micro-learning and self-sourced learning activities being pursued by your workforce, and give shape to the thousands of xAPI statements from your LRS. Centralize all learning records and identify which sources are producing the most compelling training to understand the full impact of all your learning activity.

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