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Fall 2023

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Generative AI for People Analytics

Vee is the breakthrough new AI digital assistant from Visier that can answer virtually any people analytics question instantly–in natural language. Vee provides accurate answers based on your organization’s data, and is governed by Visier’s trusted security model. Vee is now in public preview.

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Key updates in this release

Employee Journey Visualization Improvements

Administrators now have the ability in Studio to configure the dimensions available to users for employee journey visualizations, including Sourcing and Career Paths. This ensures more relevant insights on relevant journeys to a users geographical or organizational location. In addition, users can apply filters in order to narrow the population.

 New Contribution Visual (Pie Charts)
New Contribution Visual (Pie Charts)

Customers have long requested pie chart visuals as part of Visier People, and you can now access them in the Explore Room with the new visualization type we’re calling “Contribution”. This allows users to easily and intuitively see the contribution of members for a given analysis.

Workplace Dynamics: Collaboration Circle Secondary Metric
Workplace Dynamics: Collaboration Circle Secondary Metric

Workplace Dynamics, HR Tech’s Product of the Year for 2023, now has a second metric that can be added to the popular collaboration circle visual. Collaboration circles show the strength of connections among teams and employees, and now a second metric can be added to this visual. This enables you to quickly see metrics that might be tied to collaboration like employee engagement, attendance, performance, and more.

Data Version Validation

Administrators can now define alerts on incoming data versions to validate if new data is good. Critical alerts will fail data versions to prevent publishing bad data to your users.

Default Metric Configuration

Empower users with meaningful insights from the start. Administrators can redefine the starting point of exploration by setting the most important and relevant metric. Even users lacking access to specific metrics will receive intelligent selections based on their permissions.

Visier Skills Intelligence: New Job / Skills Taxonomy

Visier continues to add new jobs and skills to the Visier Skills Intelligence taxonomy, this quarter adding more than 250 jobs and job titles validated for the Healthcare and Food & Beverage industries.