Summer 2023

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Discover our latest features and capabilities that help you to make enriched people decisions with greater clarity.

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Employee Inferred Skill Level

Bridge the gap between inferred skills and actual capabilities. This new feature assigns a skill value of 0 to 100% to each employee, leveraging factors like tenure, performance ratings, promotion events, and recency. Gain valuable insights into employees’ true skill proficiency, enabling smarter talent development and strategic decisions.

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Inferred Skill Level
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Key updates in this release

Planning Enhancements

Experience unparalleled efficiency and collaboration with the latest planning enhancements. From seamless plan duplication to enhanced flexibility and dynamic scenario planning, these updates are tailored to streamline planning processes and enable smarter, data-driven decisions for your workforce.

Calendar Metrics for Workplace Dynamics

Workplace Dynamics now includes calendars as a source of passive data, providing deeper insights into team collaboration and meeting impact. Analyze meeting time, size, and key metrics to help drive productivity and enhance workforce effectiveness.

Multi-Lingual Support

Simplify language management with the ability to quickly add or update object names and descriptions in different languages, incorporating supported locales and translation strings directly within Studio.

Multi-Lingual Support
Analysis View Control

Transform the way you shape and present your data narratives. Authors can define whether the analysis defaults to an expanded or collapsed view, giving users control over lengthy documents and making it easy for users to explore sections of interest effortlessly.

Analysis View Control
Default Metric Configuration

Empower users with meaningful insights from the start. Administrators can redefine the starting point of exploration by setting the most important and relevant metric. Even users lacking access to specific metrics will receive intelligent selections based on their permissions.

Managed Data Export Versions

Streamline data exports and empower administrators with the Managed Data Export Versions feature that allows admins to define and publish new data exports for users to access with ease. Whether it’s read-only or editable, these pre-built exports ensure consistent and reliable content consumption. Users that create their own data export can also share them with other users.

Managed Data Export Versions


Data Model and Query API Guides
Metric Path Configuration
Uploader File Visibility
Parent-Child Level Naming