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Embedded Analytics Applications

Pre-built analytics to help you win

Visier Embedded Analytics applications are purpose-built with a people data focus and allow you to deliver proven solutions in a few short months, helping you and your customers win together.

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Accelerate your revenue growth with market-leading analytics

Demands of the market and strong competition can be hard to keep on top of. Stay ahead and cut your time to value with expert analytics as a differentiator.

Make analytics smart, yet simple, for your customers

Democratize people data for every user at any skill level and enable your customers to gather meaningful insights without the complexity.

Deliver analytics fast with pre-built content

Ask the right questions of your data and rely on our expertise with our award winning out-of-the-box analytics using pre-built questions and metrics.

Analytics across the entire employee lifecycle

Visier’s Embedded Analytics applications are designed to answer the most critical and relevant business questions across various HR domains, revolving entirely around your customer’s data.

Core HR

Talent Acquisition

Talent Management


Time & Attendance


Monitor organizational changes

Get a view of your entire workforce across locations, departments, and more. Manage change at your organization based on accurate information about the starts, exits, and evolution of your workforce.

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Monitor organizational changes

Start small or go big

Deliver analytics to your customers fast

Quickly demonstrate its value to generate demand for deeper functionality, and drive additional revenue for your business.


Help your customers get started with an out-of-the-box analytics experience that delivers dashboards full of easily understandable insights on demand.

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Built for everyday business users and analysts, offering expanded content and automation, as well as the ability to control their analytics journey.

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