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Workforce learning and upskilling platform Degreed specializes in making it easy for companies to track what skills employees are learning. The company’s Learning Experience Platform was designed to bring together learning that happens everywhere, both internal and external, in one place.


Challenge: Providing customers with easy-to-use ways to interact more deeply with their data and differentiating Degreed in the learning systems space.

Results: User-friendly analytics deliver value to Learning and Development teams quickly, while attracting new customers and expanding relationships with existing ones.

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Empowering Degreed customers to easily explore their data

Helping Degreed stand out from other solutions

Attracting net new business opportunities with analytics

Every time we go back to Visier with these questions, there’s either somebody or something that makes it somewhere between a little bit easier and a whole lot easier

Todd Tauber

SVP Strategy

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