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Providence operates more than 50 hospitals and 800 clinics in the western U.S.

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Gary Russo leads PSJH’s Workforce Intelligence team, a group responsible for both people analytics and workforce planning initiatives. With a goal to build a culture of evidence-based decision-making within HR and among business leaders, Russo’s team needed a solution to overcome the lack of trust around HR data and the technical issues contributing to the divide.

Visier Solutions


13,000+ Visier users within organization

Internal NPS for analytics rose from -43 to +50

One source of data truth following merger

Finance should be your first [analytics] partner because there’s a necessary link between the functions. Data is the common language that allows strong alignment conversations, and early Finance buy-in avoids complications later in a project. Legal is the immediate second stop. Creating a water-tight data access philosophy is essential.

Gary Russo

Director of Workforce Intelligence

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