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Realogy implemented people analytics in short timeframe


In order to make better decisions, Realogy needed everyone across the organization to operate using the same set of truths. However, this couldn’t be achieved with their data inconsistencies and different rules for calculations and metrics. A short implementation time for their people analytics solution led to a single source of data truth and quick return on investment–all on a lean budget.


Ebby Ajegbo, Vice President, Human Resources Information Systems, Realogy Holdings Corporation

“A lot of challenges led us to pick Visier. On the HR front, we had a lot of inconsistencies with having the same set of rules in terms of calculations or metrics. So those things allowed us to pick Visier because we wanted a standard source of truth and something that was really quick to implement.

This is my third organization using Visier and unlike other BI tools, Visier is really quick with our implementation. It’s truly plug and play, so you get quick bang for your buck, quick return on investment and in a really short time compared to other BI tools.

We currently have Oracle HR. When I say Oracle HR it’s not the cloud, it’s the ERP version of Oracle. So Visier has been the nice forefront of really pulling all of our data together. So it’s really critical actually for a company that’s really lean with our budget as we think of expanding our capabilities. Having Visier be something with a pretty nice interface to look at has been really instrumental in stitching together all the elements of data we have in all of our systems.

The main benefit of using Visier is right now across the organization, we have a consistent set of truths. When we talk about turnover or any of the metrics, we all know we’re talking about the same thing, the same calculation, the same denominator and numerator in terms of calculation. Also that it’s going to help increase the capability of the company to rely on data to make data driven decisions.”

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