The ability to predict actions in the employee lifecycle is important to Pitney Bowes, but it was difficult to get answers because of the process of gathering and consolidating all the information as manual and time-consuming. By investing in the full suite of Visier People solutions, Pitney Bowes can now quickly analyze, identify, and predict issues and opportunities within the entire employee experience.


Andrew Gold, Vice President of Total Rewards and HR Technology, Pitney Bowes Inc.

“We were looking to get into analytics a bit more because we really realized there was a lot of information that we were doing manually that was taking lots of time, and then there was information that, almost was impossible to put together, because they were contained in different systems and to pull the information and try to combine it took lots of time and sometimes really wasn’t accurate.

The ability to bring all that information instantly together and to be able to look for those patterns and ultimately for Visier to start using that information to predict actions, that’s really where the power of Visier comes in. It’s easy to use, to bring together disparate data sources and then use that data to make business decisions.

One of our big challenges was, we wanted to understand what was really driving turnover and what were the key things that we were able to do. One of the quick things we saw is really turnover in the less than one year ranks and it enabled us to do some different kind of onboarding, different kind of hiring to try to reduce that particular type of turnover.

By having the full suite we could take the core demographics that we’re continuing to add more data sets into and have that roll over into the other pieces. So we can begin to see a timeline of the employee experience from the moment they start the recruiting process with us, through their hire, through when we have to keep doing workforce planning which feeds back into the recruiting process. All of those pieces together enables us to plan better, identify where our costs are, more importantly identify where are those periods where we may be losing employees or maybe disengaging employees and look for ways to avoid those, fix those, because any employee that we can retain and engage better, clearly helps with productivity.

Visier really allowed us to do that and in a very easy to use and understandable way.”