Do what you love. Gain real-world work experience and get a head start on your career. Intern at Visier!

We are on a mission to hire the greatest emerging talent and immerse them in our culture of learning and technology. Our award-winning paid internship program is the ideal setting for you to explore the intersections of big data and analytics. With a myriad of opportunities to learn, grow, many of our interns never leave; they fall in love with the product, build lasting relationships, and advance their careers here.

Our internship program offers future starts in software development, UX design, product management, data science, and more.

Interns at Visier have impact.
You will set ambitious goals, pursue greatness, and see the results of your work. As an intern, here’s how you fit in:

Interns are a valuable and recognized part of our team. From day one, you will be treated as a full-time employee; your work will be practical, contributing to the growth of our entire organization and attainment of our collective goals. You’ll experience what it's like to be in an agile environment and have the chance to work in cross-functional teams with our engineers, product strategists, infrastructure specialists, and customer success partners, to name a few. These diverse backgrounds will help you get the big picture from end to end: how technology is designed, developed, deployed, and used.

You will be part of a community devoted to learning, while also having tons of fun.

One of the best parts of being an intern at Visier is connecting with technology veterans who will introduce you to new perspectives and guide you along your career journey. Although our program is competitive to get into, it’s worth it. And while we typically convert 1 in 4 students who intern with us to full-time employees, all interns will engage in practical and fulfilling work with cutting edge technologies.

Some highlights include:

  • lunch and learns, workshops, and mentorship
  • in-house gym facilities & free yoga classes
  • developer boot camp and certifications
  • unlimited snacks and beverages
  • paid volunteer days
  • student community social events, and much more!

Meet Our Interns

"Working at Visier is a great pleasure and a privilege. I am surrounded by a diverse team; all intelligent and friendly people who support each other. Visier has a great co-op bootcamp and mentorship program which fosters a great learning environment that enables you to make impacting contributions to the company."
"Even on my very first day at Visier, I had many opportunities to enrich myself intellectually thanks to my insightful mentors. The learning, however, began well before this. In fact, throughout the hiring process, I was encouraged to be curious and was provided with invaluable feedback."
"Working at Visier has a good balance of designing independently and collaboratively. I get to work on tons of projects and to see them being implemented in real life is pretty cool. These are the small victories I celebrate with my team at Visier."
"As a Devops Co-op, the breadth and depth of the technologies I got to touch was impressive. The work is challenging and engaging, but proved to be a great opportunity for me to punch above my weight class."
"I had the opportunity to extend my co-op term to try software development which included working on new IP and contributing to an open-source IntelliJ plugin. My co-op experience was full of rookie cookies, fun and growth surrounded by many talented mentors and peers."

Teams and Roles


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Here’s how to join our team.

Our interview process lets us get to know you, learn more about your passions and goals, and ultimately understand how we can get you there. Prior to your interview, read up on company news, explore our social media channels, and check out #visierlife. During your interview, we encourage you to be curious ask plenty of questions.

We hire new interns to start every January, May, and September. To be considered, you must apply 1-4 months in advance. Once your application is received and reviewed, you can expect the following:

  1. Initial phone interview with our Campus Program Manager
  2. On-site interview at our office to meet your potential team
  3. Interview updates shared to you by Campus Program Manager
  4. Offer decision!

“As a team, every day and in every way we aspire to greatness. As individuals, we respect, trust and support each other.”

John Schwarz, Chairman

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