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Understand your hourly employees. And do it in minutes.

Optimize your hourly workforce, allowing you to increase safety, fairness, and to manage your people better, which is better for them, and better for your business.

Effectively manage

Identify anomalies, patterns, and trends that help you address overtime issues so you your business runs more efficiently.


Tackle absenteeism

Understand what drives absenteeism, measure the costs, and get meaningful information you can act on.

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The City of Edmonton uses Visier to efficiently identify the root causes of safety incidents. See how


Create a safe, healthy

Take a proactive approach to creating an exceptional work environment with information from Workforce.

  • Days lost due to injury
  • Track absenteeism
  • Identify hot spots
  • Overtime impact on safety
  • Balance seniority on shifts
  • Track case history

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Pre-built analytics

A complete solution that transforms complex data into secure, self-service answers

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Continuous value delivery

A proven plan for success, aligning data, people, and strategy to get value quickly

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Domain expertise

Visier marries HR expertise with analytic excellence for powerful people analytics

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See the impact of your learning initiatives

Visier People Learning lets you measure the outcome of new hire and safety training by tying it to your safety incident tracking on productivity KPIs.


Case study - Healthcare organization

Data-driven decision making leads to optimization of nursing staffing levels, premium labor spend, and overtime spend.

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